The Ultimate Problem Solving Technique

The Ultimate Problem Solving Technique

I work with several mentors and coaches and one of my favorites is James Roche, also known as the Info Product Guy. His newsletters are always packed full of information and this article is from his most recent one. I LOVE this article and it impacted me greatly so I’m sharing it with you.

James Roche "The Info Product Guy"

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There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to move forward on a project and getting stuck. It’s frustrating because you may spend days, even weeks, spinning in your head with no solution in sight. Maybe you have to write an article, deal with a high-maintenance vendor or produce an info product, if you feel stuck, don’t worry. There is a proven five step problem solving technique that can get you unstuck and give you fast clarity on the issue you’re facing. read more

Top 3 Lessons from 2009

These are the top three things I learned in 2009 (let me know if you can relate):

1. I Am NOT My Business!
This conclusion hit me pretty hard when I realized that I had put A LOT of time, energy, and resources into my businesses. I started to identify myself and who I am with my business. Then I had the thought, if I didn’t have these businesses, who would I be? To my great joy, I remembered that I am much more than my businesses and WHO I AM is the foundation in my businesses. It’s the energy behind and through it and it’s what people are drawn to. To lose myself in my businesses meant that I would lose the “umph,” the energy, and what made my businesses unique.
The Lesson:
The good news is I recommitted to ME. It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day operations and goals of business. What will make my business thrive is ME. If I’m burned out and have forgotten my true identity, it will most certainly appear in my business. I dedicated the last little bit of 2009 to re-focusing on me so I can show up more powerfully than ever before in all aspects of my life including my businesses. read more

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