September Highlight – Make the Decision

The first step to reaching your goals is to make a decision. Is ambiguity keeping you stuck in self doubt and falling short of accomplishing your dreams and goals?

I’m in process of learning a pretty HUGE lesson. I was getting frustrated about how things weren’t moving quickly enough in my businesses and I realized that I hadn’t FULLY committed to them. I half way committed. I committed when it was easy. I took action when it was convenient. But my goals were still negotiable.

Have you ever moved down a path but with “Plan B” still present in your mind the whole time? Yet wonder why Plan A wasn’t happening? read more

September Biz Divas Recap


I am so uplifted and inspired after Biz Divas tonight!

Quite honestly, I was feeling a little burned out this summer and decided to put Biz Divas on hold for two months so I could re-prioritize and decide if running Biz Divas still fit in my vision. I learned a very valuable lesson because I allowed myself to take a step back and re-evaluate. Thanks to my coach Heather Laughter for assisting me with getting clear about how to move forward and remember my passion.

This is what I learned and it’s ironic that it’s what I taught at Biz Divas also this month. 🙂 We teach what we need to learn the most. read more

Keep Hanging On

Wow, it’s been months since I’ve posted an article…which is a sign, I’ve just come out of a major reorganization and re-focus on what I love. I allowed myself to get carried away with other tasks that I didn’t really love and now I’m back and it feels good.

It feels awesome to be back in action and creating some pretty spectacular momentum. Plus, I learned how to keep connected in the middle of climbing a taller mountain at a pace I’ve never experienced before. 🙂 read more

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