Autoresponder Tips

Many of my clients have been focused on setting up and improving their drip campaigns or autoresponder email series, which can also be called “Follow up Sequences” in my favorite email manager, Infusion Soft.

People often ask me what should be in the first email that is sent after someone opts in to your email.

First, thank the person for being a part of your community.

Second, let them know what they will receive from you. Here are a few examples:

Hi Angela,

Thank you for being part of our illuminated tribe. My team and I are committed to bring you the best experts, inspiration, education and empowerment in the most important areas of your life. read more

The 5-Letter Word that Almost Killed My Business

When I heard this, I had major resistance because I had “built” my business on this principle. Or so I thought.

My coach gave me a challenge and that was to NEVER do a TRADE again. Some call it bartering, I called it an energy exchange.

Is TRADE killing your business? It was mine and this is why.

The single greatest act of service you can give to your client that will create the biggest transformation is the opportunity to invest in themselves.

The investment is proof to themselves of their value, talent, potential and it now opens a flood of other possibilities. By not accepting that investment, you rob them of the very experience that they so desire, which is to embrace their own value. read more

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