What if you hate networking?

I don’t remember when I attended my first networking group probably because I’ve blocked it out. I’m fairly certain I did a crappy job.

I was scared, shaking in fact, and had no idea what to do. When it came to my turn to impress people with “what I did” I have no idea what I said. I could barely speak.

I hated networking. Sometimes I still do. Well, I hate the “old-school” way of networking. (That’s also why I started Biz Divas.)

Old-school style is giving out as many business cards as possible in the hour you are together, getting as many business cards, making small talk to “impress” people, pitching people on your stuff then putting all of those business cards into your database so you can spam them. Lame. Super lame. read more

I’m Not a Mom (technically), but I’m Still Celebrating Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day.

Along with my thoughts to celebrate the moms in my life I also think about some things that are a little more solemn…

On this annual day of recognition, I often think about friends who have lost their mother. Is this day especially tough for them? I think about the many friends who have lost a baby through a miscarriage or a death? How do they feel? I also think about the women and couples who haven’t been able to conceive but so badly want to. I also think about the brave women and couples who place their baby up for adoption. And about those people who have excitedly adopted those precious children. read more

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