3 Ways To Get More Clients This Summer

I see it every summer.

People are burned out, they don’t feel like working, so they take a summer vacation from building their business.

Then in the fall, they wonder why it feels so hard to get things started again. They wonder why there aren’t the funds in their bank account that they need or want.

It pays to avoid this trap. It’s much easier to speed up a moving machine than it is to start a machine that has totally stopped.

Your business is your machine. Keep it going, even if it’s moving at a slow pace because you want to take some time this summer, you will be glad that you kept it going.

Here are three ways to keep your business moving this summer:

Tip #1: Systems

Without systems, you are spending your valued time doing “tasks” rather than marketing, selling and actually working with clients.

Systematize everything you can. Only spend your time on income-producing activities. Delegate the rest. read more

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