Are You Feeling It Too?

There seems to be something in the air… and not just with my clients, but colleagues, me personally, family members, it’s all around us. People are stepping up. And in a big way.

AND this means that along with up-leveling and saying YES to your purpose, saying YES to charge what you are worth, and saying YES to make a difference, you face your fears and self doubt at a new level. Being an entrepreneur sounds glamorous and exciting. It is a wonderful life AND it’s likely the hardest thing you will ever do. read more

Keep Going

Keep Going

One of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving. It is fitting that I start this amazing month at Shine, a business event in Dallas Texas, with hundreds of other women-preneurs. As I look back at my life in the past year, I barely recognize it. It’s unbelievable how much can change when you really put your mind to it, AND when you take action every single day (even when you don’t feel like it.)

Last week, I was in beautiful Tucson Arizona with Kendall Summerhawk for a 3-day event.  I walked away with amazing contacts in addition to some really sweet money and business breakthroughs!

I love traveling, and I’m so grateful that my business can travel with me. I’m EXTREMELY grateful that my husband is so supportive of my business.

When you get a glimpse of your dreams becoming your every-day life, you have the opportunity to do what ever it takes to make it happen. Believe in what you are doing. Make it happen. You not only change your life but you bless others’ lives. Being a part of that ripple effect makes it all worth it. Keep going. Keep believing.

While in Tucson last week, my two mastermind members/soul sisters escaped the hotel food and found a great Mexican restaurant. What a great way to anchor in three days of learning and networking with an evening of laughing until our sides hurt!

With Love and To Your Success!
Angela read more

Live Your Dreams

Live Your Dreams

Last week I attended Shine, Ali Brown’s event in Dallas, Texas. One of my favorite parts of events is when there are spotlights on REAL businesses who have overcome REAL challenges. It is proof that it can be done and with tenacity and vision you really can do what ever you put your mind to.

One of the keynote speakers was Jane Wurwand (she’s the beauty in the picture with me), founder of Dermalogica and joinFITE. She started Dermalogica in 1983 with $14,000 and two team members. One team member slept on her futon in her living room for over a year while they got started. Her partner took a job that paid $1,200 a month and that is what they used for their living expenses. They weren’t allowed to buy anything outside of rent and food. The only clothing they allowed themselves to buy was socks, underwear and hosiery. After three years of not taking a salary from the business, she gave herself a paycheck of $300 to start with. read more

How To Hire The Right Coach

How To Hire The Right Coach

First and foremost, never trade with a coach. If you do a “trade” follow my trade guidelines.

There are a thousand choices for coaches for your business, life, marriage, kids, health, losing weight, organization, and on and on. How do you choose the right one?

I love the world of coaching. If you wanted to compete in an athletic event, would you think twice about hiring a sports coach? However, I used to attempt to build my business by myself and see people try to justify it to themselves of why they are worth the investment to have success in their business, money, relationships, health and purpose. There is nothing to justify. You are worth it. read more

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Coach

In the big world of coaching, I’ve seen clients who are creating bigger results than others. This isn’t from a space of comparison or judgment at all, however it is from a perspective of an observation and quite honestly how I set up my clients for more success. I also learned this when I asked my coach how I can get a bigger ROI on my coaching investment.

This is what I’ve seen across the board from people who are making the most of their coaching, and those who are leaving potential (and money) on the table. read more

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