How You Handle THIS Determines Success or Sabotage

What do do when challenges come up in your business.

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”
~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Is it a common thing.

You take a step in what you think is the right direction and BAM! All hell breaks loose. Or you get into an argument with your spouse. Or something happens that makes it challenging to keep going.

This especially happens when you “uplevel.” You know what this is. Right when you say YES to going to an event or training, or right after you’ve signed up with a coach, or right when you make the decision to go to the gym four days a week. You say YES and things feel really stinking hard. read more

Mastermind Bliss

Mastermind Bliss

Gold MastermindLast weekend I had the honor of hosting my amazing Gold Mastermind clients for our third 2-day retreat. This is where my clients have the golden opportunity (no pun intended) to get together and have breakthroughs in their business and their mindset.

These remarkable women focused on busting through limiting beliefs so they could take massive action in their marketing without the mindset games getting in the way. There is power in knowing that you are supported during the entrepreneurial journey.

It takes courage to step into your purpose fully. These ladies are so brave. Every time I leave one of my mastermind retreats, my heart is overflowing with gratitude that I get to witness people making a difference. read more

The Labor Pains Have Started

Are you going to trust the process or try to stop the inevitable?

It happens in three month increments. Every “trimester” the growing pains make you wonder if you can make it. Will you really do this?

Is “it” really working? “It” can be your coach, your marketing plan, your clients, your financial goals, your time management…etc.

This is what I notice in me and in EVERY single client and colleague I know on some level. About every three months I question if things are really working. I re-evaluate my path, I question my progress. Is everything on track? read more

Angela’s Soul Vision

Angela’s Soul Vision

I headed to LA on Monday to spend two days with my business coach and mastermind. Then I headed to San Diego to do some training with Jack Canfield. It’s amazing to start my day with international networking…Jack has a gift of gathering people from around the globe. It’s a beatuiful example to me of how tenacity and authenticity attracts loyal fans.

Here I am with Sean Smith who is staffing the Train the Trainer eventĀ  attend. Sean is one of my favorite people on the planet. He was a speaker at Ignite Your Spark last year and he’s a phenomenal speaker, trainer, coach and human being. I met Sean at a personal development training I attending in August 2010 and we’ve stayed in contact since then. The connections I make at live events is one of the biggest perks I experience from live events.

I give myself a guideline of attending one live event a quarter outside of my home state to make sure I’m always learning because to be a great teacher, I must be a great student. Also, these live events are where I find great JVs, clients, affiliates, speakers for my events, events for me to speak at, in addition to rich, transformational content for my life and business.

(Notice the palm trees in the background? Yes, it’s heavenly here in San Diego!) read more

This Shouldn’t Have Happened to ME? (Success Happens When You Least Expect It)

Society says that if you go to high school, then on to college and just get a good job that that is about as good as life is gonna get. Well… been there, done that and I didn’t like it. I thought there was something wrong with me because wasn’t content.

Why couldn’t I ever just be happy with a good paying job, paying the mortgage and if I’m lucky, saving up for a vacation every year?

Surely, there was something wrong with me.

Let me give you a snapshot of why, according to old-school standards, I never should have created any real success: read more

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