How I Ignited My Success (in the face of fear)

At IGNITE last week, I shared my story of my “unlikely” success. I barely graduated high school and miraculously graduated college. After being fired in 2008, I struggled for almost two years then I created a 6-figure business in a year when I finally got serious and made the decision that I wanted success.

During a breakout session I presented at IGNITE, I took everyone through the following process. So get a post in note out or a piece of paper and follow along:

  1. Write down your financial goal you have for 2012.
  2. Now write down the reasons why you haven’t achieved that goal yet. Don’t edit yourself, but get really honest with yourself.

Now here is the part that either pisses people off, or they don’t see it or sometimes, it creates true freedom in an instant. read more

Ignite High

Ignite High


I’m coming down from my IGNITE high. It was unbelievable. There were almost 250 attendees plus 36 teen girls. My heart was touched. My soul was inspired. My dreams of my purpose have been expanded.

My spark was Ignited. And the dates for the 4th annual IGNITE women’s conference are being announced soon.

The teen program was a huge success; my heart will never be the same after seeing these young women ages 11-18 claim their power, voice and beauty.

haircutHere I am with my team (above). This is unbelievable group of women. They did what ever it took to support the hundreds of attendees to have breakthroughs. read more

Three Keys to Unlock More Abundance: “The Law of Get off Your Bum and Take Action”

I’m quite confused by something…

I ask entrepreneurs what their biggest challenge is in their business and 95% of the time it comes down to the need and desire to make more money.

YET, a common hesitation/excuse/challenge I hear from this same 95% is they don’t “feel right” about charging for their natural gifts and talents. I hear things like:

  • “I don’t need a big house, I just want to be okay.” (So every month, they are just okay and just get by.)
  • “I don’t want to be rich, I just want to help people.” (They can’t help people when giving from an empty cup.)
  • “I don’t feel right about charging for ______.” (The people who are getting their product or service are being robbed of the transformation that takes place when they invest in themselves.)

Do you see the problem here? The very thing people are most worried about is the very thing that people aren’t willing or able to see the truth about. read more

Oh For the (Locks of) Love

As I prepare for IGNITE next week, I’m seeing when I can also fit in a time to get into my favorite salon “I’m Beautiful” to chop off my hair.

My hubby and I have been growing out our hair and it’s time to chop chop. I’ve never donated my hair before and I’m really excited to do it. When my dear friend Alison Sparks (who IGNITE Your Spark is named after) was going through treatments for her brain tumor in 2009, I remember how brave she was and she didn’t know if she was going to lose her hair or not. But she shaved her head anyway and she sported a sassy do like no one I’ve ever seen before. I’ve been growing my hair out for two years to donate so someone like Alison can have a wig if they choose to. read more

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