It’s Causing You to Leave $$ on the Table

I’m a bit fired up this week. 

You’ve probably been guilty of “it” at least once. It’s a common way I see a lot of women-preneurs blocking their own success. I know I’ve been there.

We’ll get to “it” in just a second. 

While conducting focus group interviews with my ideal market over the past several weeks, I’ve had the honor of having women entrepreneurs share with me their biggest challenges in their life and business. 

The top two challenges are: read more

How Long Would You Wait?

When will your message be ready?

While playing the waiting game with my new niece who will be born any moment now, I started thinking about how every person on the planet is waiting to birth something. It’s that next idea, it’s the thought or feeling that you aren’t sure how to express, it’s the dream you have for your life…

How long are you going to wait until you give it life and “birth” it? How long are you going to keep people waiting for the breakthrough that will change their life? read more

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