YOU Are Your Ultimate Product

YOU Are Your Ultimate Product

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”  Oscar Wilde

marianne on stageListening to Marianne Williamson’s keynote was poignant, REAL and she made a powerful statement without dividing the audience. 
I’m breaking this down into the top takeaways so whether you are a speaker, aspiring speaker or just desire some support with your message, you can incorporate this into your business. 

1. Create a Common Cause and Don’t be Vanilla

Marianne shared truth without injecting a biased opinion into it, which I have found that when speakers attempt to do what she did, they come across as being too “vanilla” aka boring, just like everyone else, bland, etc. 

This also means giving YOUR content. If your presentation is primarily full of famous people’s quotes, then reach deep inside of you and come up with YOUR quote. Quotes from others are great, but use sparingly to illustrate YOUR points. 

Some speakers have a point of view that clearly excludes people to the point of creating a division in the audience. You will never please everyone so don’t try. (Again, resist being vanilla.) 

While you want to make a clear point that gives people an opportunity to either agree with you (they are your ideal clients) and people who don’t agree with you (they are your non-ideal clients), there is a way to do it that empowers everyone on their next step. 

This may mean some people will walk away not liking you, being pissed at you and never coming back. This is great news. You now have more space for the right people in your life. 

2. What is Your Wow Factor? 

Another speaker was doing some message makeovers on people’s business and he asked “What makes people say WOW about you? What is your WOW factor?” 

When people tried to search for features and benefits in their products and programs, they sounded like everyone else who offered something similar. We’ve all done that right? 

BUT when the person being asked the question slowed down, went inside and TOLD THEIR OWN STORY of how they overcame something, then the audience clearly saw their WOW. 

What is YOUR WOW factor? What makes people say WOW about you? 

There was a woman who got on stage who talked about gratitude. There are millions of people who talk about gratitude. 

Then she said “I’m grateful I got breast cancer and here is why…” The audience was moved to the edge of their seats to listen to her story. She continued on her story about all of the lessons she has learned and mastered through the journey. She KNOWS gratitude. She lives it. Now others know EXACTLY how she can help them. 

3. The Power of Vulnerability 

The problem is people think that being vulnerable makes them appear weak. There is a difference between sharing your story as a way to heal your story, and then there is true power of sharing your life’s experiences from the perspective of: read more

I’m a Fraud And other lies we tell ourselves.

I’m a fraud.

Have you ever felt like that?

I’m scared.

Have you felt like that today?

I don’t want to do this. I can’t do this.

Is that something you have told yourself this week?

Here is the truth: (I told you, I’m going to be raw, real and totally transparent.)

There are some days I wake up and I don’t want to get on the computer. I don’t want to write my newsletter. I don’t want to get on the phone. I don’t want to make sales calls. Then I argue with myself because I know that unless I’m making sales, I’m not in business. And having a hobby isn’t what I signed up for. read more

Manifesting Secret for a FAB 2013

I’m not a fan of setting resolutions, however I am a big fan of using your intuition to create your plan. 

Yep I just used the words INTUITION and PLAN in the same sentence. I did it for a good reason too.

Before I get into this week’s specific marketing tips, here is what you can count on from me this year.

  • Soulful strategies: Strategies that are based on YOUR soul purpose and intuition and that are not attached to my agenda. These strategies will be direct to your business AND your soul. You can’t build one without the other.
  • Marketing tips: Tips to grow your business from the inside out and from the outside in. Of course they are infused with spirituality and intuition.
  • Opportunities of how you can build your soulful 6-figure business.
  • Community: Part of my soul purpose is to create community. People who have attended my live events in the past (Ignite Your Spark, Biz Divas and THRIVE) all leave feeling like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. They leave feeling empowered to uplevel and they now have a community to support them. Community is my core intention with every event (live and virtual) that I create.
  • Weekly Soul Exercise: Instead of articles that vary all over the place with things you can implement into your business, each weekly newsletter will contain a “Soul Exercise.” These exercises will lead you along the many steps to be a visionary CEO of your soulful business.


2012 was not the easiest year. And at the same time, it was easy because I connected to my soul at such a deep level. My business exploded (in a good way) in 2011 and it brought up a lot of stuff that I faced in 2012. I rolled with it. I faced my own shadows. I resisted the temptation to shrink. Sometimes I did shrink. I healed. A lot. read more

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