What You Want, Wants You The ONE Question that changed everything last year

What You Want, Wants You The ONE Question that changed everything last year

“When you specify what you’re grateful for it becomes more real and sensual. And from that sincere feeling you will become more emotive — and what you emote, you attract.” ~Danielle LePorte 

My big question of 2012 was “What do I REALLY want?” I changed a lot of things in my life and business last year because of those five simple words. 

It wasn’t what I think I should want. Not what my mentor wants. Not what my husband wants. Not what I THINK anyone wants for me or from me. 

What do I really want from the depth of my soul? 

Most people answer this question from the space of “What do I think I can get,” which really says ‘what do I think I’m worthy of receiving.’ 

And if you are answering this question from that space, then your business and bank account are suffering. 

When you ask the question and really listen to the answer, you’ll get it. You may be downright scared of the answer. 

Your answers may be the thing you are afraid to say out loud. It the thing that makes your heart race a little bit. That thing that makes you want to laugh it off so you feel more comfortable. 

I didn’t like some of the answers I was getting. But my SOUL loved it. 

Until you do this in your business, your business won’t be authentically you. 

In this age of technology and social media and YouTube and phone apps and mobile marketing… there is a lot of white noise. 

Is your business part of the white noise out there? Or it is something that people are stopping to pay attention to because when they interact with your business, they interact with the authentic YOU? 

Do your followers on social media and people on your email list get the vibe that you are doing what you love? Do your fans feel loved? 

Or are you doing what you think you “should” be doing? 

I’m seeing are a lot of copy-cat business models out there and not for the sake of vindictive copy cats, but simply out of people not asking themselves what they REALLY want, so instead of being a leader, by default they become a follower. 

If you dare ask the question of what you really want ~Contact.FirstName~ then you don’t courageously move in the direction of your own answers, you become part of the white noise. 

When you are brave enough to ask this question and listen to the answers, you feel more excited to the things that are in alignment with what you want. 

That emotion and passion activates the law of attraction and you start seeing more opportunities. 

Business becomes easier. You trust yourself more. You take more bold actions because what you do MATTERS more. You gain momentum and it feels really good even when challenges come up. 

And you see results, not just feel good. 

If you are feeling stuck, or like the money isn’t happening fast enough or whatever your challenge is, the solution starts with this question: 

What do I REALLY want? Check out the Soul Vision Exercise below on how to take this to the next level. 

I continue to ask myself that question with everything that comes into my space now. I ask it about prospects who want to be clients, friendships, steps in my marriage, programs I want to offer, events I want to attend, events I want to speak at…everything. 

I’ve said NO to a lot more things in the past year than I have ever said no to. 

I slowed down. 

It was hard to let go of Ignite Your Spark, my women’s conference I produced for three years in a row. It was hard to let go of clients who weren’t upleveling at my pace. It was hard to not accept willingly paying clients. 

It would have been HARDER if didn’t listen to my own answers. I would be selling out to the game 
I’m not willing to play. 

When you authentically build your business this way, everything changes. 

So ~Contact.FirstName~, what do YOU REALLY want? What you want, wants you back. It belongs to you. 

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