I didn’t speak up, now I have laryngitis.

I knew I was getting ready for something BIG because I could feel a breakdown coming on.

In the past couple of weeks I have created experiences that gave me opportunities to either speak up or stay silent.

I stayed silent.

And it brought up the times in my life when I didn’t speak up.

The result?

A couple of days ago I lost my voice almost completely. I was able to get out a whisper yesterday. Today it’s a little better.

I am currently experiencing laryngitis. (see the meaning of this below – holy moly) read more

The right numbers. The right people. {Inside}

The right numbers. The right people. {Inside}

You don’t need a lot of people to build your business. You just need the right folks.

A couple of weeks ago I had my last ever THRIVE event.

Honesty check:

  • Before every event I have a meltdown that leads to big breakthroughs.
  • I get challenged with how visible I’m willing to be. And I choose IN every time.
  • When I coach my clients on their events, this occurs for them at some level also.
  • When I connect with colleagues who host their own live events then guess what? Yep, it happens for them too.
  • I didn’t have my typical 100+ person event and still got the number of clients I wanted to enroll from the event.

Part of the breakdown for people hosting live events is the pressure they put on themselves to get butts in seats – the official term for getting people to register for your event.

The pressure is totally unnecessary once you let go of your business being a popularity contest.

Rather than freaking out about the wrong numbers, you’ve got to focus on the right numbers. read more

My confession + 6 profit tips after you uplevel

Two weeks ago I held my last ever THRIVE event. It has been an awesome three years and I’m being inspired to host more intimate invite-only retreat-type transformational retreats for women entrepreneurs. Contact me if you want to be on the invite list.

THRIVE 2013 was amazing. I learned a lot. And since then I’ve been getting new clients ready for a year of powerful transformation for their business. I’ve also been super focused on family.

Maybe you’ve noticed I’ve been a little quiet in the past two weeks. read more

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