Is accountability harming your business?

Several years ago I attended a personal development training and it changed my life. Two of my biggest takeaways were accountability and being your word (do what you say and honor your agreements).

But this week I have a BIG awareness that I often confused accountability with over-responsibility.

Something would happen, and it could be anything like someone running a red light and they almost crash into me, and I would immediately go into the question of “how did I create/attract that?” Or more commonly “Was that my fault?” read more

What the Deaf Man Taught Me About Marketing.  Timing is Everything.

What the Deaf Man Taught Me About Marketing. Timing is Everything.

My husband and I were in the food court of a mall waiting for an oil change on my car. As we sat there eating our mall food (not recommended by the way), a man who looked to be in his early fifties stopped at our table, set a piece of paper down and no more than two seconds later walked away.

I picked up the paper and it was an envelope with a sticker of the US flag inside of it.


Outside of the envelope was a message: “I am deaf and I sell these American flag stickers as a way to support my family. Please donate $2.00 or $3.00 if you can. Thank you.” read more

Two Super Fast Facebook Tips to Grow Your List + List Building Bonus Tips

Let’s talk about social media and the focus so many people have on it, yet for a lot of people they don’t get active income from it.

Is it important to have a presence on social media platforms? Yes and no.

Yes – IF your ideal market is there. And yes IF you are leading people you connect with to do one of two things (preferably both):

1 – Opt in to your email list by giving them a free gift (your freebie)

2 – Inviting your followers and fans to have a conversation with you, also known as a strategy session. read more

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