Money is holy.

First, dear ones you are loved. Please receive this.

Second, your work is big and we know it can feel a little larger than life. Remember that you have been chosen and you chose this, therefore you’ve got this. We are here for you. Remember to ask for assistance and guidance. Your ancestors are a big piece of your support team.

Your healing in this lifetime goes beyond you. We say this only to help you lighten the load, not to add any pressure or responsibility on you. Whatever you heal is perfect, you don’t have to feel that you are not doing enough. Healing in of itself spins the energy forward and backward in all space and time in all dimensions and that healing is there for others to receive when they are ready.

Do Your Fees Do THIS for People?

Do Your Fees Do This For People?

In a recent conversation with a powerful leader, Megan Sillito, we talked about pricing and how our pricing makes us more visible or we shrink back and hide.

She said something that really impacted me “Do your fees cause people to look for a new place within themselves?”

Or do your fees support people in the exact place where they are stuck?

Recently I engaged in a thread of comments on Facebook that was exploring a sliding scale for their fees.

Does the drive thru make you feel RICH? (& and other common money stories + how to heal them)

Does the drive thru make you feel RICH? (& and other common money stories + how to heal them)

These money stories are too common + how to heal them

(Do you feel “rich” when you go to the drive thru?)

In the past two weeks I’ve done several Akashic Record readings for people’s businesses and the topic of money always comes up. People notice they have some money patterns sabotaging their success and they are ready to change it.

I know what that feels like and I’ve taken and currently taking drastic actions to shift my latest money stories that have been showing up in my uplevels in my business.

Dollar in form of heart isolated on white backgroundThere are some money themes happening right now, see if you can relate:

Akashic Message – Healing through Small Actions

This is a channeled message from an Intuitive Business Circle I hosted. I’ve been guided to share this with the public and there will be more to come.

What does this group need to know right now?

Intuition is the first part, taking courageous action is the second. Don’t mistake the “holy moly what am I about to do?” excitement as fear that has stopped you in the past. In the past, bold actions have felt like hard work, like you are pushing against nature, up hill, up stream, but you are being asked to take bold action now. read more

It comes down to two things every time

It comes down to two things every time

Working with hundreds of entrepreneurs since 2009, it comes down to do things:

 White Paint - Baby Blue Background. Painting

Last week I hosted a group call with my mastermind clients and everyone had the big picture of what they wanted to do: three more clients this month, launch their teleclass, host their first workshop and more.

After I asked each person what their intention was, their next question to answer is where they felt blocked.

For every single person it came down to either:

  1. They didn’t know what to do and it was usually a technology related thing,
  2. They didn’t have the confidence to go out there and just do it.

When I get stuck in my own business, it’s one of the same two things or a combination of the two. read more

The Surprising Way Women Deny Abundance

The Surprising Way Women Deny Abundance


I read the above quote in this article and it really hit me deeply.

How often do we deny our greatness? Our divinity? The price for that is showing up in our bank accounts as SOULpreneurs in addition to our soul esteem.

You’ve heard that phrase, “The devil made me do it.” It’s a common excuse people use when they want to avoid accountability.

This excuse puts people immediately into victim energy.

Being a victim is no state to be a creator of magnificent things, including your income, new clients, and awesome opportunities. read more

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