Will you walk through the fire?

In my new free Soulpreneur Money Quiz  I talk about some of the money leaks that first show up as relationship leaks.

I have seen and even experienced some of these surreal ways people sabotage their business. See if you can relate with any of these:

Not building their business because you are afraid that if you actually “make it” then you won’t have any reason to stay in your marriage.

Not charging for your value because then you’ll make more money than their parents and you feel bad for that. (I thought that if I made more money than my parents I would appear ungrateful to my parents and their lifetime of hard work.)

If you make more money then you won’t have things in common with your “broke” friends who like to talk about their money problems.

Telling yourself that you will speak, hold your own event, or get new headshots, etc. after you lose weight. Or after you are “ready.” Or after your new website is up.

Did I push any buttons with those examples?

Will you really walk through the fire? 

I bought into this illusion. I’m over it.

In 2009 I was really tired of being broke. Done. Finished. OVER IT.

I hired a mentor and it was exactly what I needed. It got me into action and I went from zero and built a 6-figure business in less than a year.

But I struggled for two years before that – most months not even making ends meet. So can I really say I built a 6-figure business in a year?

Truthfully, every life experience prepared me for my drastic income growth in 2011 – it was a lifetime of experience to get there….the six years to get a Bachelors. Going to high school and being the art nerd and cutting a LOT of classes…

Yet here I am creating and living a life that some days feels like a dream better than I ever imagined was possible.

Before this bliss that I live now, I bought into the illusion.

I bought into the illusion that having 200 people at my live events meant something about my value.

I bought into the hype that having “big names” in my telesummits meant something.

It was cool. It was fun. I learned a lot. And I wouldn’t trade any of it or redo it another way.

But guess what?

Your first website should cost less than $500 – what???

Disclaimer: This topic may upset some graphic designers. This may also upset the fabulous folks who have spent thousands of dollars on building a website and it’s not what they need.

Here is how most entrepreneurs start in their business:

You have the idea for your business.

You want to have a website and even though you don’t technically NEED a website to be in business, it’s generally a good idea.

So you talk to graphic designers and you start the process. The designer tells you need certain things and you follow their guidance.

Thousands of dollars and sometimes months later, you have a website.

At that point you ask yourself: “When will my website make me money?”

Here is what most people tell me after they spend thousands of dollars on a website:

You are the Leader in Your Lineage

You are the Leader in Your Lineage

It’s not too late. Now is the time and you are perfectly supported, even in ways that may not look and feel like the support you intended.

What needs to fall away that you are not letting fall away? You want to hang on because you want to make sure the person knows you won’t abandon them? Or is it a belief, a pattern, a habit, an addition that you need to let go of?

How to Authentically Attract Clients and JVs (even with a tiny list)

How to ask people to promote you even if you don’t have a big list to promote them?

How do you attract joint venture partners and CLIENTS with a tiny list?

How do you attract big names to share your message?

First, this doesn’t happen overnight.

The vision for your life and business didn’t happen overnight. Your business won’t succeed overnight either.

Your vision has been pieced together through years of experiences, yep even challenges, and something clicked for you to say “No more… I’m not living someone else’s vision anymore, it’s time to live my own!”

Are you open to Feedback?

Are you really open to feedback?

This blog post was inspired because I triggered a few clients this week and I’ve also been the client on the receiving end of feedback.

(P.S. The video above is raw – in other words it looks like I literally rolled out of bed and recorded a video. I didn’t realize I was having a bad hair day until the video was done. lol Just keepin’ it real!)

What to do when your coach pisses you off, triggers you or hurts your feelings?

I’ve noticed some patterns in my own life and business and seeing that feedback right in my face for me to look at I noticed I had one of two reactions:
1. Defensiveness
2. Hmmm, how I can transform this?

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