I’m not interested.

I’m taking a speaking program and in this week’s class, we all had to deliver a reading that meant something to us. When my fellow “classmate” started reading “The Invitation” by Oriah Mountain Dreamer,  I immediately started tearing up…I have avoided this powerful piece of work since 2009 when I read it at my best friend Alison Sparks’ funeral.

I’ve been reminded of this concept of depth, vulnerability and totally transparency as I’ve reselected the people in my space and who I do business with. I’m not interested in fake, pretense or what you think I want to hear. I’m a seeker of truth. Plain and simple.

The Invitation

Tell the Truth Faster (your marketing will actually work if you do)

Tell the Truth Faster (your marketing will actually work if you do)

tellthetruthfasterYou want your message, marketing and offers to ONLY be for the exact right people for you right?. How do get that? Tell the truth faster.

I was coaching a client last week who knew that a role she was filling was no longer in alignment with her vision. It could have been really easy to go to that person she was working with and said things like “you haven’t honored your end of the agreement, you aren’t doing what you promised…”which were all true.

But there was a deeper truth. The truth was she outgrew the contract. She wanted more than what the contract could give her and she had been staying put because it was “safe.” She knew it was time to leave.

I encouraged her to speak her truth and tell the truth faster.

Telling the truth faster means taking total accountability for your results. It means you OWN your decision of what is a YES for you and what is  NO for you. No blaming is allowed when you tell the truth faster.

What is on the other side of telling the truth faster? Everything you’ve ever wanted is waiting for you.

Wizard. Girl next door. Originator.

I discovered my main brand archetype a couple of weeks ago from the fabulous Miss Nicole K. Lundy who was a guest speaker at my private Inner Circle retreat a few weeks back.

What’s an archetype? It’s the essence that you embody. When you attempt to BE something other than you are, it gets messy. Money is hard. Business is hard. And you get really exhausted and frustrated.

After taking the Brand Archetype assessment, my top archetype is “Wizard.”

Not the Harry Potter kind, but this kind: read more

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