What your clients really want (this will help your marketing)

What your clients really want (this will help your marketing)

I’ve been in business in some form or another since 2006. I was fired in 2008 and that is when things got real. I hired my first mentor in 2009 and ten months later I generated over $100k in revenue.

What was the difference between the zero to over $100k? It comes down to three core elements that really attract people to your tribe.

Flashy marketing – big promises – “blueprints” and “formulas” can be attractive, but I’m talking about the core things that your tribe can really connect to long term – not just for a short-term fad.

As I’ve noticed what creates the momentum and what creates the “ugh-are we here again?” moments, there are three core things that people want and when you forget about them, your sales and marketing spin around and around but never really get you anywhere.

Here are the three things you clients really want:

seen-and-heard-300x3001. People want to be acknowledged – they want to be seen and heard.

Spending the past month with my niece “Baby A” since her and her mom have visited Utah and stayed at our house, I see how she just wants to be seen and heard. It’s really very simple. Listen to her – SEE her and she’s a happy girl. Guess what? We never grow out of that on some level. We just want to be acknowledged. And when we aren’t, we create drama (our version of the 2-year-old tantrum.)

Make your tribe feel important.

How to help an unhappy client.

How to help an unhappy client.

The truth will set you free, but first it will make you mad as hell.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve sought truth.

Spiritual truth. Truth about how the world worked. Truth about people. Truth about myself.

So naturally, I love honesty. I love when people give me honest feedback. To me, it’s unconditional love. Even when it stings, feedback is crucial to growth.

mollyringwaldJust tell me the truth!

(Flash back to Pretty in Pink when Molly Ringwald is yelling that statement to her lame boyfriend who stood her up for the prom.)

I’m candid, to the point and I don’t do small talk. Never have. So clearly I’m not the coach for everyone.

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