Manifesting in High Heels

Manifesting in High Heels


A couple of years ago my uncle told me something that I’ll never forget about luck.

He asked me if I love what I do and with a huge grin on my face I said “Yes, I absolutely love it,” to which he replied, “you are so LUCKY because not many people can say that.”

It’s not luck. It’s making decisions, taking risks and persevering the way MOST people talk about but never actually DO. (That is the formula for manifesting by the way.) Manifesting-in-High-Heels-Pinterest-2014-10-06-Angella-JohnsonSo when I had an opportunity to be an author in Manifesting in (High) Heels – Secret Rituals to Achieve Success I jumped at the opportunity. Why? To collaborate with other women who were creating big things in the world and share our tools with YOU because ladies, it’s time to play a bigger game and we’ve got what it takes.But enough about me – let’s talk about you.

When you get your copy today, I have some gifts for you!

I want to give you something BIG when you buy your copy of Manifesting in High Heels to get your manifesting groove on.

After you buy your book, simply forward me your Amazon order confirmation and you can choose from either:

soulvision-1c349b72-fbb1-4b9a-9616-de9f0c0ec74c-v2Option #1: Soul Vision Abundance Kit >>

  • Learn your money type and how to enhance your strengths.
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The worry that diluted my dream (vulnerable truth inside)

The worry that diluted my dream (vulnerable truth inside)

In 2012 I reinvented myself and my business. I thought I was totally out of that transition. And I’m not.

You know they type of transition where you close the doors on what you don’t want and you trust that what you DO want will rush into your open arms with grace and ease?

transition-turnaround2-300x300I’m not out of the transition and I don’t know if I’ll ever be completely. The day that I am is the day I die because there is no more growth to be had.

I’m going to be totally transparent. There are still some things I’m rebuilding after I disassembled my business in 2012 when I rebuilt it to include all of my gifts, including my spirituality and intuition. I drank the guru kool-aid long enough and it was time to shake things up a bit.

I never do anything on a small scale…

You’re Too Emotional and Your Dreams are Too Big

I had formed a mastermind with some other thought leaders.  At the time I was struggling in my business – it felt like breakdown after breakdown. (This was right before I came out of the spiritual closet a couple of years ago.)

I could tell that this mastermind wasn’t the perfect fit; I didn’t feel understood or really heard in the group.

This mastermind informed me that I was being let out of the group because (I’ll never forget these words) “Your dreams are too big and you are too emotional.”

I was super pissed. And hurt. More hurt than pissed. Ironic that I was so emotional right?

I didn’t really understand what my former mastermind members were telling me – I couldn’t really hear them.

I don’t know how they intended it,  but I finally know the lesson in it for me.

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