Any Energy Leak is a Profit Leak

Any Energy Leak is a Profit Leak

energyleakWhat do you close out in 2014 so you expand your clarity, cash and confidence?

Every winter, I look at my business systems, JVs, office, friends, clients, health and overhaul things that aren’t working.

Why? Every energy leak in your life is a profit leak in your business. I like my life to be clear, focused and drama-free.

The bottom line is when you think about being able to focus your intuition and inspiration on things that can make a difference instead of handling drama, sabotage and broken systems or relationships, you can make more money by helping more people. You create true FREEDOM. read more

Email Systems for Every Business

Email Systems for Every Business

Envelope At Sign Shows Email on WebI’ve been doing lots of research on email systems to see what is best for my clients. This has been a focus since I’m undertaking a big transition in my own business – I’m switching from InfusionSoft to Ontraport.

Why did I make the switch?

Rumor is that Infusionsoft is getting ready to go public. Nothing wrong with going public, just something wondering if their focus is going to be all about their board members and numbers, rather than the real people running businesses. read more

The Lifestyle Myth – It’s Not Unicorns and Butterflies All of the Time

There are two things in the coaching / personal development world that have got my attention right now.

#1: Folks talking about how a lifestyle. But are they really living it all of the time?

“They “work 13 hours per week, travel when ever they want and make lots and lots of money. If you don’t have this LIFESTYLE or at least want it, there must be something wrong with you.

While some weeks I work more than 40 hours per week when I’m launching something, getting ready for an event typically, some weeks I “work” 20 hour or less. I take time off regularly. I do my own writing (typos and all) and my own marketing. It’s how I choose to run my business now. read more

Another Closet to Come out of + Marketing Tips for Introverts

Introvert. Extrovert.

Which are you?

Introverts get a bad rap. I’m going to be bold and say that most “introverts” I meet are really extroverts that are incredibly empathic and they use the “introvert” label as an excuse to play small.

I know this because I’m describing myself.

Before you get upset or defend your introvert label, hear me out.

I’ve been silent for the past month. It takes a lot to shut me up. I’ve been coming to terms with the fact that I’m not as introverted as I thought I was. I’ve been hiding out. In my cave. Pretending to be introverted in my internal process and world. read more

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