When you’re just not feelin’ it – but you’ve got a biz to run.

You know that moment when you realize that you need to take your own coaching?

That moment when you say YES to you, your life, your dream, your upleveled reality, and everything that is not in alignment with that shows up ready to ask you if you are really ready to move forward.

Yeah, that moment. The “oh $hit moment.”

Something crazy cool happens when you say YES to YOU. Big awareness shows up. Excitement. Woohoo.

And other stuff shows up too.

Resistance. Fear. Sometimes things even blow up. read more

We’re asking the wrong question in manifesting

Here’s a little story about a woman who made big things happening. She did it without a business plan and without knowing how every detail works out. She did it because she trusted herself. And in the moments she didn’t trust herself, she had people around her to cheer her on and remind her of what is possible.

This woman is me. It’s you. It’s my friend Sylvia, Ann and Tina. You’ll meet them in just a minute.

You’ve heard this question –

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? read more

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