{Soulpreneur Sunday} Are you using push or pull selling?

{Soulpreneur Sunday} Are you using push or pull selling?

I’ve noticed an interesting thing in selling and people.

Some people are motivated by fear and others are motivated by desire.

The question is, how are you selling in your business?

pushpull-500If you know about the marketing archetypes, there are a lot of Guru Star archetypes that sell using the fear pushing tactics, which I explain in my video below.

The big challenge with this is that Guru Stars are a very small percentage of archetypes, yet most marketing and sales is taught in that archetype. You can see where this creates a problem when you attempt to market and sell your services. read more

{Soulpreneur Sunday} I was stifling my ability to create

{Soulpreneur Sunday} I was stifling my ability to create

soulsunday_spaceI was avoiding my office for months – it was too convenient to find any other distraction from actually going in there.

I work from home and so distracting myself with “life” stuff is already easy. I’m really good now about when my office hours are open, I’m focused and when the “office is closed,” I’m not working.

I had convinced myself that it was a great space. I had a view of my favorite tree in my backyard.

I even painted my office and installed nifty shelves in the closet as a way to avoid the fact that it was the smallest room in the house and I had cramped myself into the space. read more

{Soulpreneur Sunday} The not-so-sexy distraction

{Soulpreneur Sunday} The not-so-sexy distraction

judgment-soulsundayHate mail.

Have you received it?

Or even a message from someone who gives you his or her unsolicited advice about your life or business?

A couple of weeks ago, I had a couple of colleagues share with me about “hate mail” they received.

(The video at the bottom is the truth behind a recent uplevel in my own business and how I’m not backing down from showing up in the world.)

I remember the first time I received hate mail – I was devastated. I didn’t know people who didn’t even know me would take the time to send me a mean email. read more

{Soulpreneur Sunday} The Power of True Contribution

{Soulpreneur Sunday} The Power of True Contribution

true contributionYou know what you know. You hire someone as a mentor because they know more than you know in a certain area.

You sometimes squash what you know so you are “teachable” and “coachable.” You then ignore your own knowing and intuition little by little…until you cut off all of your awareness and follow the leader like a good little student.

Have you done this too, or was it just me? Based on conversations with colleagues, friends and clients, I know I’m not the only one who’s done this crazy game of attempting to be confident in your expertise and be mentored by another expert. read more

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