{Soulpreneur Sunday} Being told what to do is easier than being coachable.

{Soulpreneur Sunday} Being told what to do is easier than being coachable.

I heard the same thing again…it was probably the fifth time in a row after talking with someone in a strategy session in the past few weeks.

“Why do you want a coach,” I ask.

The reply sounded something like this: “I need accountability.” Or “I want someone to hold me accountable.” The same words I have said in the past and totally meant it too.

The problem is no one can “hold you accountable.” They can guide you, they can assist you, they can even give you the loving butt-kick. But YOU are the only one you can be accountable to and for. If you want someone to hold you accountable, essentially you are asking someone to work harder in your business than you are. <gasp> #truthbomb read more

Why I banned New Years Resolutions + How I Create Instead

Why I banned New Years Resolutions + How I Create Instead

While 2016 is around the corner, it doesn’t mean that it has to be this big reset that we make it out to be.

I find that putting so much pressure on changing your life, your business, your bank account, your body, your family… at the stroke of midnight on December 31st doesn’t actually create the desired outcome that we are seeking.

What if you scrapped New Years Resolutions completely and never looked back?

I stopped setting New Years Resolutions a few years ago and I’ve never felt so free. I’ve also created things in much easier ways than I used to. Coincidence? I don’t think so. read more

{Soulpreneur Sunday} How to Get Through a Slump

Have you signed up for a program and about halfway into the program and you hit a slump?

You wonder if this is going to work. You’re tired. And you may even be tired of being accountable.

I’ve been running 12-month masterminds since 2009 and I’ve been part of 12-month masterminds throughout that time as well and I notice this happens in every group.

When I have asked colleagues and my mentors about it, it happens there too.

What is it? Slump time.

When you were really excited and then life hits.
Or you get tired.
Or you had your hopes up and something didn’t quite work out.
Or you realize those old patterns that have sabotaged you in the past show up again just as you decide to really go for it. read more

{Soulpreneur Sunday} 9 things that will stop you from creating.

{Soulpreneur Sunday} 9 things that will stop you from creating.

Where am I hiding?

That’s the question I ask myself frequently when I can see myself getting in my own way.

It’s also a common question I ask my clients when they stop creating and step into the world of tolerating.

Are you creating or tolerating?

I do the same thing. I tell myself that it’s okay if I don’t get exactly what I desire because after all, I have a great life.

What’s so bad about what’s currently happening in my life? I get complacent. I tolerate things. I stop creating. Then I wake up to how boring and painful that is and UP my game. read more

{Soulpreneur Sunday} How to Trust Yourself After Investing a Lot of $

“This program is $50,000 for the year.”

That is when I stopped breathing for a moment.

It was the first time I had a strategy session with a business coach.

It was the first time someone invited me to invest more money than I had ever even spent on a car.

I had hit rock bottom and I knew something had to change. I was broke. I was wondering if I was broken and I knew that line of thinking wasn’t going to get me anywhere.

I had done it “my way” for long enough and it wasn’t working. read more

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