The fairies didn’t clean my room + when I lost my magic

The fairies didn’t clean my room + when I lost my magic

When I was a kid, I hated to clean my room.

Back then, I did this thing to see if I could get away with not cleaning it…

I would close my eyes and pray really hard. I thought if I prayed hard enough, when I opened my eyes, my room would be clean.

10646382_sWhile I closed my eyes, I would have this vision of darling fairies coming out of their hiding places and cleaning my room. I knew they were there. I just knew it. Oh they were so cute.

Why couldn’t I have my own posse of fairies and animals who would do stuff for me? read more

You are not your modality

You are not your modality

What do you do?

Those four words put soulpreneurs into their head and out of their magic faster than you can even finish asking the question.

So let’s play a little game…

There are two people who do the exact same thing, but which one would you rather work with? Which one would you engage with?

Person A: Imagine in one hour, old beliefs that have been holding you back for years are just gone and now you have space to choose the new beliefs that actually work for you, instead of against you. I help people erase old beliefs from their brain by creating new neuropathways, which are the things in your brain that actually create and hold the beliefs you have. After a one-hour session, people often find that they can sleep better, and even things like anxiety and depression decrease along with creating new beliefs that create the amazing life you are seeking. read more

An open letter about 6-figure success

Every where we look, we are presented with the myth that the right answer will fix us.

The right presidential candidate will fix the United States.
The right marketing plan will fix your business.
The right eating plan will fix your thighs.
The right kind of man or woman will fix your love life.
The right coach or strategy will fix your bank account.

We’re trained to look for what’s wrong; it’s become a great pass time. It’s event become a great career for some folks.

For those of us who have been on the path of personal and spiritual development, we have been trained to process why we have the problem in the first place. Because maybe, just maybe, if we process it just right, the problem will be “healed.” read more

Fear of missing out or trust? The choice is yours.

Fear of missing out or trust? The choice is yours.

Big promises make you feel like you may be missing out on something BIG…

<Imagine the ringmaster of the circus bellowing this into the crowd of people>
“Not making enough money in your business?  This system is what you NEED to solve the problem forever. If you don’t do it, you’ll never make it. You’ll be stuck forever. Here’s how it works…”

“Not losing weight fast enough? Try out this magic potion to fix the problem…” The 30-day money-back guarantee means it’s totally legit right? read more

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