Our Glorified Hustle

Our Glorified Hustle

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Can we get real about the glorified hustle?

I was living the dream and creating like a bad@$$, until I just couldn’t do it anymore.

I’m hearing more and more statements like that.

The glorified hustle often starts with, “How can I make money in the next 30 days?”

This “cash-injection marketing plan” becomes the drive to keep the momentum going.

Thus… the hustle has been initiated.

And so does the chasing. The scheming. The figuring out. The working hard.

This is the glorified path to burnout. We start out with great intentions, then naturally find ourselves in the “how” to make it all work. But the “how” never leads to freedom, despite our most noble efforts. read more

8 Abundance Laws for Soulpreneurs

8 Abundance Laws for Soulpreneurs

As my head coach and I were talking about how to support my clients in the upcoming months, these 8 Abundance Laws for Soulpreneurs emerged (I just wrote this today and already people are commenting on Facebook with how much this resonates for their business, and their life.)

I believe these to be the “secrets” of creating success from any program or product, especially if you’ve ever been disappointed with something you’ve invested in.

1. Nothing will save you, but you:

Investing in ANY program or product will NOT save your business. It doesn’t matter how good the program, coach, or expert is you hired. No one is riding in on a horse to sweep you away into the sunset. You must do the work and ask for assistance. read more

How to Use a Friends and Family Letter to Attract Clients (template and tips)

How to Use a Friends and Family Letter to Attract Clients (template and tips)

Friends and Family LetterHow do you talk to friends and family about what you do? And can they be a source to attract clients that you haven’t been utilizing?

How you get paying clients, especially when starting out, can feel like a big deal. Not to mention hard and awkward at times.

You have to start where you are. Marketing yourself in alignment is part of this process.

Being visible in your craft is another part. Do people even know what you are doing? Or have you kept it a secret from friends and family? Are you posting stuff appropriately on social media? read more

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