Lift as we climb – how working with women ignited my mission.

Lift as we climb – how working with women ignited my mission.

When people ask me why I focus on working with mostly women, I used to apologize because I feel really bad when people are left out and I didn’t want to leave out men. #ilovemen

I stopped apologizing a couple of years ago, but my energy still shrunk.

And now I don’t apologize.

I do work with men, and most of the people who are attracted to my work are women. I no longer say “Ignite, the women’s conference.” Ignite is my 3-day event for soulpreneurs. I don’t care if you have boy parts or girl parts, if you aren’t an asshole and you really want to change the world, then you are welcome. read more

A workshop. Leaning in. Learning Italian.

It was not a regular Monday night. I sat there feeling stupid. I was behind. I didn’t understand.

As the teacher was describing first, second, and third-person verb conjugation in Italian, I suddenly couldn’t remember what that even meant in English, let alone this language that went from being beautiful, to hard and frustrating.

I wanted to run. I wanted to quit. Every time I felt stupid in school came rushing back.

But I stayed. I leaned in.

I practiced the words. I attempted to roll my Rs with my braces and while I’m getting much better, it was hard! read more

Dream Live Giveaway

I remember when my friend Priscilla said, “I’m done chasing the dream, so I choose to LIVE it instead.” That was a couple of years ago and I still think about it because it went straight into my heart.

I could so relate with that, considering the path of burning down my business in 2012. Why? Because I was chasing a dream..that wasn’t even mine. It’s what I thought I SHOULD want.

Check out her giveaway that is only available through this weekend.

What does chasing the dream look like?

Well, here’s just one of many examples I can share: read more

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