Another possibility when fear feels real.

Another possibility when fear feels real.

Note: as I channel these messages, incorrect grammar, and run-on sentences are likely to happen. 🙂 Tune into the energy of the message, don’t fixate on how it looks, or the grammar. Tap into the love that is here – all around you.

Listen to the message here:

whatwillwecreateAt the time of this message, the president-elect, Donald Trump was just announced.

Some of us sit here in shock and disbelief, and some are celebrating.

Regardless of who you voted for, or who you wanted the US to vote for, this is a message of creating possibility when so many people are choosing, perpetuating and creating fear. read more

{Soulpreneur Sunday} Empath: is it a curse or a gift

{Soulpreneur Sunday} Empath: is it a curse or a gift

Soulpreneur_Sunday_ColorI’m an empath. I didn’t know what this was until around the year 2005 when I attended a Hay House workshop and heard Dr. Judy Orloff go through a list of “symptoms” of empaths.

I said yes to every single one. Everything from struggling with depression, to weight gain, to having my mind swirl with what seemed like everyone else’s thoughts and feelings.

I was so grateful for that insight because for the first time I didn’t feel crazy. I had no idea that most of the thoughts and feelings I was carrying around within me, were other people’s. I didn’t know this was an intuitive gift, let alone how to use it in a powerful way. read more

The Emerald Vortex (woo stuff)

To all of my fellow empaths and intuitive folks out there, I really love using this tool as a way to clear my energy and only run MY energy, instead of picking up everyone else’s energy and wonder why I feel like a crazy person. 🙂

The Emerald Vortex came about because the traditional way of shielding my energy wasn’t working. I was using the guideline of putting myself in white light, or imagining myself in a bubble of energy and anyone else’s energy would reflect back and not be absorbed.

This is essential if you are an empath like I am.

You are the Leader in Your Lineage

You are the Leader in Your Lineage

It’s not too late. Now is the time and you are perfectly supported, even in ways that may not look and feel like the support you intended.

What needs to fall away that you are not letting fall away? You want to hang on because you want to make sure the person knows you won’t abandon them? Or is it a belief, a pattern, a habit, an addition that you need to let go of?

Money is holy.

First, dear ones you are loved. Please receive this.

Second, your work is big and we know it can feel a little larger than life. Remember that you have been chosen and you chose this, therefore you’ve got this. We are here for you. Remember to ask for assistance and guidance. Your ancestors are a big piece of your support team.

Your healing in this lifetime goes beyond you. We say this only to help you lighten the load, not to add any pressure or responsibility on you. Whatever you heal is perfect, you don’t have to feel that you are not doing enough. Healing in of itself spins the energy forward and backward in all space and time in all dimensions and that healing is there for others to receive when they are ready.

Akashic Message – Healing through Small Actions

This is a channeled message from an Intuitive Business Circle I hosted. I’ve been guided to share this with the public and there will be more to come.

What does this group need to know right now?

Intuition is the first part, taking courageous action is the second. Don’t mistake the “holy moly what am I about to do?” excitement as fear that has stopped you in the past. In the past, bold actions have felt like hard work, like you are pushing against nature, up hill, up stream, but you are being asked to take bold action now. read more

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