How to Use a Friends and Family Letter to Attract Clients (template and tips)

How to Use a Friends and Family Letter to Attract Clients (template and tips)

Friends and Family LetterHow do you talk to friends and family about what you do? And can they be a source to attract clients that you haven’t been utilizing?

How you get paying clients, especially when starting out, can feel like a big deal. Not to mention hard and awkward at times.

You have to start where you are. Marketing yourself in alignment is part of this process.

Being visible in your craft is another part. Do people even know what you are doing? Or have you kept it a secret from friends and family? Are you posting stuff appropriately on social media? read more

{Soulpreneur Sunday} Powerful coaching vs nice coaching

{Soulpreneur Sunday} Powerful coaching vs nice coaching

Are you coaching to be liked? Or to make a difference?

As coaches, especially with the gift of empathy and seeing someone’s potential, it can be easy to get into the mode of nicey-nice coaching.

As a coach, sometimes our job is to tell people what they don’t want to hear. It’s not our job to determine how our client feels, that’ is their choice. It’s not about delivering truth bombs just because we can, it’s about holding up a mirror for the client to see their own patterns so they can create more possibilities rather than limiting their potential with the pattern they are engaging in. read more

{Soulpreneur Sunday} This works better than charging what you’re worth

{Soulpreneur Sunday} This works better than charging what you’re worth

Charge what you’re worth. You’ve probably been told that this one way to raise your prices.shutterstock_81990328

I used to subscribe to this motto also; I used to teach it. But think about it for a second: how can you possibly charge what you’re worth? Your value is infinite. You are priceless.

How can you put a price tag on what you are worth?

The other thing I heard was “Charge what your client is worth,” because their worth is so great.

But we can use the same argument with your client – they are priceless. read more

{Soulpreneur Sunday} How to Get Through a Slump

Have you signed up for a program and about halfway into the program and you hit a slump?

You wonder if this is going to work. You’re tired. And you may even be tired of being accountable.

I’ve been running 12-month masterminds since 2009 and I’ve been part of 12-month masterminds throughout that time as well and I notice this happens in every group.

When I have asked colleagues and my mentors about it, it happens there too.

What is it? Slump time.

When you were really excited and then life hits.
Or you get tired.
Or you had your hopes up and something didn’t quite work out.
Or you realize those old patterns that have sabotaged you in the past show up again just as you decide to really go for it. read more

{Soulpreneur Sunday} You can’t do anything for your clients.

You can’t do anything for your clients.

I heard this from a trainer and knew it was true.

I remember the first time I hosted a 12-month mastermind with about 10 clients. Half of them were creating improved results. Half them weren’t.

I looked at what was going on for my clients. Why were some of them “successful” and others weren’t, at least in that timeframe.

I also looked at the mastermind I participated in. Same thing: some of us had created the tangible money results and others hadn’t. read more

We’re asking the wrong question in manifesting

Here’s a little story about a woman who made big things happening. She did it without a business plan and without knowing how every detail works out. She did it because she trusted herself. And in the moments she didn’t trust herself, she had people around her to cheer her on and remind her of what is possible.

This woman is me. It’s you. It’s my friend Sylvia, Ann and Tina. You’ll meet them in just a minute.

You’ve heard this question –

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? read more

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