Unity. Kindness. THIS is who we are.

Unity. Kindness. THIS is who we are.

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Unity. Kindness. THIS is who we are.

Today marked the inauguration of the new US President.

Exhale fear. Return it to sender with consciousness attached.

Expand your energy…bigger. bigger. Expand.

Remember that fear (and narcissists) will do everything possible to convince you that you are helpless and broken.

Here’s the truth: you have the ability and power to create. WE the people create change.

We stand for unity. We stand for kindness. We stand for equality. THIS is who we are. read more

New Year’s Message: Choosing Me

New Year’s Message: Choosing Me

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I don’t have “a word” for 2017. This was really bothering me until a day ago. Would I be missing out on something if I didn’t find the perfect word?

Ah, the pressure. 😉

The truth is, while 2016 was an excellent year for me. I played safe. I needed to play safe. I slowed down. I played, a lot. I rested. I healed my body.

My words for 2016 were Leap, Receive, and Trust. A trifecta of sorts, which were all very present for me. (I had to do some digging to remember what my words were for the year. But looking at my year, those words were very much a part of my year.)  read more

Lift as we climb – how working with women ignited my mission.

Lift as we climb – how working with women ignited my mission.

When people ask me why I focus on working with mostly women, I used to apologize because I feel really bad when people are left out and I didn’t want to leave out men. #ilovemen

I stopped apologizing a couple of years ago, but my energy still shrunk.

And now I don’t apologize.

I do work with men, and most of the people who are attracted to my work are women. I no longer say “Ignite, the women’s conference.” Ignite is my 3-day event for soulpreneurs. I don’t care if you have boy parts or girl parts, if you aren’t an asshole and you really want to change the world, then you are welcome. read more

Dream Live Giveaway

I remember when my friend Priscilla said, “I’m done chasing the dream, so I choose to LIVE it instead.” That was a couple of years ago and I still think about it because it went straight into my heart.

I could so relate with that, considering the path of burning down my business in 2012. Why? Because I was chasing a dream..that wasn’t even mine. It’s what I thought I SHOULD want.

Check out her giveaway that is only available through this weekend.

What does chasing the dream look like?

Well, here’s just one of many examples I can share: read more

{Soulpreneur Sunday} How to Get Through a Slump

Have you signed up for a program and about halfway into the program and you hit a slump?

You wonder if this is going to work. You’re tired. And you may even be tired of being accountable.

I’ve been running 12-month masterminds since 2009 and I’ve been part of 12-month masterminds throughout that time as well and I notice this happens in every group.

When I have asked colleagues and my mentors about it, it happens there too.

What is it? Slump time.

When you were really excited and then life hits.
Or you get tired.
Or you had your hopes up and something didn’t quite work out.
Or you realize those old patterns that have sabotaged you in the past show up again just as you decide to really go for it. read more

{Soulpreneur Sunday} I was stifling my ability to create

{Soulpreneur Sunday} I was stifling my ability to create

soulsunday_spaceI was avoiding my office for months – it was too convenient to find any other distraction from actually going in there.

I work from home and so distracting myself with “life” stuff is already easy. I’m really good now about when my office hours are open, I’m focused and when the “office is closed,” I’m not working.

I had convinced myself that it was a great space. I had a view of my favorite tree in my backyard.

I even painted my office and installed nifty shelves in the closet as a way to avoid the fact that it was the smallest room in the house and I had cramped myself into the space. read more

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