Big Magic: How to Create From Your Dream List

Big Magic: How to Create From Your Dream List

I will be sharing the stage with Elizabeth Gilbert next month in Seattle at an event called Connect: Transform What Really Matters hosted by Darla LeDoux.

My eyes leak a little when I really think about this. I’m delighted, honored, and so excited to share my message about Courage.

This book has changed my life. I’ve recommended it to hundreds of people and bought for close to a dozen people. Listening to it is my favorite – it’s just Liz and I doing the dishes or running errands. read more

Dream Live Giveaway

I remember when my friend Priscilla said, “I’m done chasing the dream, so I choose to LIVE it instead.” That was a couple of years ago and I still think about it because it went straight into my heart.

I could so relate with that, considering the path of burning down my business in 2012. Why? Because I was chasing a dream..that wasn’t even mine. It’s what I thought I SHOULD want.

Check out her giveaway that is only available through this weekend.

What does chasing the dream look like?

Well, here’s just one of many examples I can share: read more

Our Glorified Hustle

Our Glorified Hustle

Wanna listen to this article? Link to the audio is at the bottom.

Can we get real about the glorified hustle?

I was living the dream and creating like a bad@$$, until I just couldn’t do it anymore.

I’m hearing more and more statements like that.

The glorified hustle often starts with, “How can I make money in the next 30 days?”

This “cash-injection marketing plan” becomes the drive to keep the momentum going.

Thus… the hustle has been initiated.

And so does the chasing. The scheming. The figuring out. The working hard.

This is the glorified path to burnout. We start out with great intentions, then naturally find ourselves in the “how” to make it all work. But the “how” never leads to freedom, despite our most noble efforts. read more

How to Create More in Relationships, Money and Business

How to Create More in Relationships, Money and Business

connectionpointsWhen I learned this principle of Connection Points vs Creation Points, it blew my world open.

One of the things I’ve struggled with since a child, is finding people who wanted to CREATE more. Often times as an adult, I feel alone in my strong drive to move mountains to create new possibilities and paths. Granted, this isn’t the truth, but it’s often how I feel.

For people who know me personally, know that I move fast. When I’m clear and I know what I desire, I move really fast in that direction.
Where there is a “no,” I find another way. read more

You are not your modality

You are not your modality

What do you do?

Those four words put soulpreneurs into their head and out of their magic faster than you can even finish asking the question.

So let’s play a little game…

There are two people who do the exact same thing, but which one would you rather work with? Which one would you engage with?

Person A: Imagine in one hour, old beliefs that have been holding you back for years are just gone and now you have space to choose the new beliefs that actually work for you, instead of against you. I help people erase old beliefs from their brain by creating new neuropathways, which are the things in your brain that actually create and hold the beliefs you have. After a one-hour session, people often find that they can sleep better, and even things like anxiety and depression decrease along with creating new beliefs that create the amazing life you are seeking. read more

Quantum leaps don’t happen on the extremes of the pendulum

Quantum leaps don’t happen on the extremes of the pendulum

innovationMy old-old-old life: My soul was dying in my corporate life doing the “responsible” thing. (Extreme end of the pendulum.)

My old-old life: I attempted to meditate my way to money. It didn’t work. (The other end of the pendulum)

My old life: I hustled faster to make money. I made six figures but then I got burned out big time. (Back to the other end of the pendulum.)

My new life: I stopped chasing the extremes of the pendulum and stopped long enough to receive what I had actually asked for. I have a growing 6-figure business, BUT more importantly, I love my life. I love my business. I love what I do. I have freedom. (I balance what works and pause long enough to receive.) read more

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