The 80/20 Rule and How We Accidentally Talk Ourselves Into Mediocrity

The 80/20 Rule and How We Accidentally Talk Ourselves Into Mediocrity

My worst fear: Mediocrity.

It’s such a evasive term – what it means to one person, doesn’t hold true for the next. Thus the complexity of it, but also the freedom.

The current “lesson” that’s up for me right now is being overly accommodating – saying yes, when it’s really a no. And I’d say that I’m damn good at saying no. But it was that pesky little 20% that kept tripping me up, pissing me off, and overriding my intuition.

It’s that 20% that leads to mediocrity.  read more

An open letter about 6-figure success

Every where we look, we are presented with the myth that the right answer will fix us.

The right presidential candidate will fix the United States.
The right marketing plan will fix your business.
The right eating plan will fix your thighs.
The right kind of man or woman will fix your love life.
The right coach or strategy will fix your bank account.

We’re trained to look for what’s wrong; it’s become a great pass time. It’s event become a great career for some folks.

For those of us who have been on the path of personal and spiritual development, we have been trained to process why we have the problem in the first place. Because maybe, just maybe, if we process it just right, the problem will be “healed.” read more

Fear of missing out or trust? The choice is yours.

Fear of missing out or trust? The choice is yours.

Big promises make you feel like you may be missing out on something BIG…

<Imagine the ringmaster of the circus bellowing this into the crowd of people>
“Not making enough money in your business?  This system is what you NEED to solve the problem forever. If you don’t do it, you’ll never make it. You’ll be stuck forever. Here’s how it works…”

“Not losing weight fast enough? Try out this magic potion to fix the problem…” The 30-day money-back guarantee means it’s totally legit right? read more

Failure isn’t the thing that hurts

Failure isn’t the thing that hurts

What if failing can actually be the biggest clue to getting what you desire?

My biggest failure in my business (thus far) was my very first large event I hosted. I had hosted many events leading up to this, but nothing like this.

It was 2010 and my vision was to host a large women’s empowerment conference with hundreds of attendees.

I had no email list. I had no business or profit model. I just had a vision and I was really good at enrolling others into the vision.

The vision was this: change the world by empowering women in our own backyard first. The more women who are empowered here, where we have ample opportunity, the more change we can BE on the planet.

When all was said and done, I lost $40,000 on that event. In the process I lost a couple of friendships, one in particular who loaned me $25,000 to hire the keynote speaker that we were sure would help the event make money. This still breaks my heart. read more

Social Media Tips that Work

Social Media Tips that Work

Unfortunately, a lot of social media strategies are popularity contests. While it can be fun for a second to feel popular, is that really why you want to do your business?

I had a sales conversation with a Facebook strategist years ago who’s focus was to get you 5,000 fans on Facebook. When I asked him how that made me money in my business, or how that helped the 5,000 people who would be fans, his answer was “You need to look the part online so people trust you and know that you are the real deal.” read more

The cure for lack of confidence and owning your value

The cure for lack of confidence and owning your value

“If I was just more confident, I would…”

… get out there more.

…charge more.

…raise my prices.

…apply to speak more.

…get my head shots updated.

…have more effective sales conversations.

Have you told yourself any of these things?

What if confidence isn’t a result, but it’s actually a decision?

So often, we think that after we accomplish something specific, then we’ll be more confident. But guess what? It doesn’t happen. So maybe the next thing will, or the next. Then eventually we chase the confidence and continue to use it as an excuse of why we aren’t more successful. read more

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