Why I don’t chase people like my mentors taught me

Why I don’t chase people like my mentors taught me

This is a moment of TRUTH and Radical Honesty.

Part 1: You never know when people will say yes.

Part 2: People will either choose IN and create their life, or they won’t. You can’t choose for them.

Once again, I’m reminded that you never know where you next client is going to come from.

This week, I’ve been delighted with people who have booked strategy sessions from seeing me speak several months ago, or seeing me on Facebook and downloading my Marketing Archetype™ training, or receiving value from how I engaged and gave value in a Facebook group. read more

Is Plan B Really So Bad? A Soulful Guide to Choosing YOU.

Someone recently asked me if I work with “newbies.” She assumed that I didn’t.

I work with some newbies, but it’s deeper than that.

I’m not the person who works with people with a Plan B. I’m the person who works with people who are dedicated to building a business.

Plan B isn’t so bad. It’s usually the responsible path. The path of least resistance (at first glance anyway.)

It’s usually the path that we hope will make everyone happy, including ourselves. read more

Unity. Kindness. THIS is who we are.

Unity. Kindness. THIS is who we are.

(Scroll to the bottom to listen to this episode.)

Unity. Kindness. THIS is who we are.

Today marked the inauguration of the new US President.

Exhale fear. Return it to sender with consciousness attached.

Expand your energy…bigger. bigger. Expand.

Remember that fear (and narcissists) will do everything possible to convince you that you are helpless and broken.

Here’s the truth: you have the ability and power to create. WE the people create change.

We stand for unity. We stand for kindness. We stand for equality. THIS is who we are. read more

8 Abundance Laws for Soulpreneurs

8 Abundance Laws for Soulpreneurs

As my head coach and I were talking about how to support my clients in the upcoming months, these 8 Abundance Laws for Soulpreneurs emerged (I just wrote this today and already people are commenting on Facebook with how much this resonates for their business, and their life.)

I believe these to be the “secrets” of creating success from any program or product, especially if you’ve ever been disappointed with something you’ve invested in.

1. Nothing will save you, but you:

Investing in ANY program or product will NOT save your business. It doesn’t matter how good the program, coach, or expert is you hired. No one is riding in on a horse to sweep you away into the sunset. You must do the work and ask for assistance. read more

The 80/20 Rule and How We Accidentally Talk Ourselves Into Mediocrity

The 80/20 Rule and How We Accidentally Talk Ourselves Into Mediocrity

My worst fear: Mediocrity.

It’s such a evasive term – what it means to one person, doesn’t hold true for the next. Thus the complexity of it, but also the freedom.

The current “lesson” that’s up for me right now is being overly accommodating – saying yes, when it’s really a no. And I’d say that I’m damn good at saying no. But it was that pesky little 20% that kept tripping me up, pissing me off, and overriding my intuition.

It’s that 20% that leads to mediocrity.  read more

Boundaries and receiving support

Boundaries and receiving support

I’ve been planning a few weeks off to spend time with my sister as she gives birth to her son in July. I’m so grateful that I’ve created a business that works with my life, instead of trying to fit my life around my business like it used to.

But I can slip into old patterns of being over-responsible, over-giving, and over-accommodating if I’m not paying attention sometimes.13510786_10155380459344572_3527329913912193276_n

My niece “Baby A” is my little buddy and is about to become a big sister.

I’ll be honest that while I’m committed to creating a life of magic and ease, I can work too much. I can take too much on and not delegate. I attempt to too much myself just because I can and I know how. read more

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