Energetic marketing first. Strategies second.

Energetic marketing first. Strategies second.

Keep people in the question.

That was the best advice I ever received when was studying how to be a better coach a decade ago.

Then I really learned the power of asking questions, instead of making conclusions about the “right” way to figure out a problem.

This principle is not just for expanding your intuition and joy, it’s also ideal for knowing the best strategies for your business. Notice that I didn’t say the “right” strategies, but the BEST strategies for you. read more

{Soulpreneur Sunday} Is Soul Purpose Overrated?

{Soulpreneur Sunday} Is Soul Purpose Overrated?


I hear a lot of people talk about how they “can’t” do their business, make more money, be happier, etc. until they know what their soul purpose is.

I used to be one of those people.

There are even systems and programs that will tell you what you what your purpose is. As convenient as this sounds, how can anyone tell YOU what your purpose is? Some experts even tell you that you won’t make money until you know what your purpose is. (I used to believe this too.)

Here’s a take on your soul purpose that will likely give you a lot more space to CHOOSE instead of pressure to get it perfect. read more

Intuition to Income – Your complimentary pass

Intuition to Income – Your complimentary pass

intuitiontoincomsummitEntrepreneurs pay thousands of dollars for training, coaching and consulting to help them figure out how to grow their businesses and earn more money. 

Yet we often overlook the best source of guidance available to us: Our intuition. 
Intuition is how your soul speaks to you. 
Your soul is the eternal piece of you that’s connected to everything and everyone in the universe. 
It already knows what to do. And if you learn to listen to, trust and follow the guidance your intuition gives … will lead you step-by-step, moment-by-moment to the people, resources, actions and inspirations that will help you create the life you dream of – the life you’re meant to live. 
That’s why I’m so excited to invite you to this one-of-a-kind online summit… 

The Emerald Vortex (woo stuff)

To all of my fellow empaths and intuitive folks out there, I really love using this tool as a way to clear my energy and only run MY energy, instead of picking up everyone else’s energy and wonder why I feel like a crazy person. 🙂

The Emerald Vortex came about because the traditional way of shielding my energy wasn’t working. I was using the guideline of putting myself in white light, or imagining myself in a bubble of energy and anyone else’s energy would reflect back and not be absorbed.

This is essential if you are an empath like I am.

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