Problem Solver or Solution Provider?

Problem Solver or Solution Provider?

Are you a Creator of Possibilities or a Problem Solver?

This may not be what you think it is.

Traditional marketing is about finding someone’s pain or problem and solving it.

“What problem does your ideal client have? Find that then sell them something to solve it.”

That has been advice I’ve received for over a decade now and while there’s some truth in this, I wonder what would show up in your bank account if you went beyond this obvious and overdone formula?

There is a difference between “solving a problem” and “CREATING possibilities.” read more

Business Alchemy 06: Soulful Profits with Guest Tami Gulland

Business Alchemy 06: Soulful Profits with Guest Tami Gulland

Soulful Profits. Yes, you can make money as a soulful entrepreneur who helps a lot of people.

Tami has experienced the burnout from pushing so hard in order to prove that she could create profit and success.

As an intuitive who has the gift of also communicating with angels and your divine team, Tami also brings in decades of corporate experience in marketing.

Where is the balance between these two worlds? Tami will take us on the journey of pushing to true prosperity as we discuss the five elements needed to create and align to the Divine in business.

Discover Your Superpowers: A Peek Into Human Design for Business with Kris Prochaska

Discover Your Superpowers: A Peek Into Human Design for Business with Kris Prochaska

*Let’s pretend that peek is spelled correctly in the above image. 🙂

Knowing my Human Design was a huge revelation for my business (and my life) so much so that I have every client discover their Human Design so I can support them even better. This is NOT about fitting yourself in a box. What this IS about is identifying your energy with more clarity so you can actualize your life and business with more ease and with fewer pitfalls.

During this training, Kris talked about how she can spot projectors easily when her friends have kids over to play. The projectors are the kids who are observing -checking things out. They may have the solution or idea, but until they are invited, they don’t know where there place is. read more

A workshop. Leaning in. Learning Italian.

It was not a regular Monday night. I sat there feeling stupid. I was behind. I didn’t understand.

As the teacher was describing first, second, and third-person verb conjugation in Italian, I suddenly couldn’t remember what that even meant in English, let alone this language that went from being beautiful, to hard and frustrating.

I wanted to run. I wanted to quit. Every time I felt stupid in school came rushing back.

But I stayed. I leaned in.

I practiced the words. I attempted to roll my Rs with my braces and while I’m getting much better, it was hard! read more

Our Glorified Hustle

Our Glorified Hustle

Wanna listen to this article? Link to the audio is at the bottom.

Can we get real about the glorified hustle?

I was living the dream and creating like a bad@$$, until I just couldn’t do it anymore.

I’m hearing more and more statements like that.

The glorified hustle often starts with, “How can I make money in the next 30 days?”

This “cash-injection marketing plan” becomes the drive to keep the momentum going.

Thus… the hustle has been initiated.

And so does the chasing. The scheming. The figuring out. The working hard.

This is the glorified path to burnout. We start out with great intentions, then naturally find ourselves in the “how” to make it all work. But the “how” never leads to freedom, despite our most noble efforts. read more

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