Why we stay silent – my thoughts about the world and what we can change

Why we stay silent – my thoughts about the world and what we can change

Today, I had scheduled an email promoting my newest class about messaging. This needed to be shared first.

It’s an interesting line we play with – run our businesses and market our stuff and use our voice to create a different possibility on the planet – and ideally, do both.

If you’ve watched anything on Facebook in the past few days or the news, you’ve seen the events occurring in the world, particularly in Virginia this past weekend.

The question that I deeply wonder about is, “Is what I’m doing and being in my life and business making an impact on humanity in the way I desire it?” read more

Is this the change I’ve been asking for?

Is this the change I’ve been asking for?

Have you had the moment when your glorious business or marketing plan either bores you to tears or is just doesn’t work?

The thing that you are trying to get to work is what you’ve done before in your business. You KNOW how to do this… yet, something is off.

Perhaps it’s trying to follow one of the proven formulas by the experts and it just falls flat. Or you just can’t muster up the focus and motivation to follow through with it.

Either way, it’s frustrating right? Especially when you need to make some money, honey! read more

Unity. Kindness. THIS is who we are.

Unity. Kindness. THIS is who we are.

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Unity. Kindness. THIS is who we are.

Today marked the inauguration of the new US President.

Exhale fear. Return it to sender with consciousness attached.

Expand your energy…bigger. bigger. Expand.

Remember that fear (and narcissists) will do everything possible to convince you that you are helpless and broken.

Here’s the truth: you have the ability and power to create. WE the people create change.

We stand for unity. We stand for kindness. We stand for equality. THIS is who we are. read more

New Year’s Message: Choosing Me

New Year’s Message: Choosing Me

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I don’t have “a word” for 2017. This was really bothering me until a day ago. Would I be missing out on something if I didn’t find the perfect word?

Ah, the pressure. 😉

The truth is, while 2016 was an excellent year for me. I played safe. I needed to play safe. I slowed down. I played, a lot. I rested. I healed my body.

My words for 2016 were Leap, Receive, and Trust. A trifecta of sorts, which were all very present for me. (I had to do some digging to remember what my words were for the year. But looking at my year, those words were very much a part of my year.)  read more

The Awakening: can shadow work liberate the world after the election?

The Awakening: can shadow work liberate the world after the election?

We’ve felt it haven’t we? The shifts. The shadow. The discomfort. The awakening.

I haven’t known quite what to say yet regarding recent world events – the elections, Standing Rock, shootings, the division, and that’s just in the US. A few days after the election results came in, I was relieved to travel to Australia to speak at an event of over 150 SOULpreneurs.

My heart was able to heal a little so I could get grounded before I spoke out of pure fear, anger, or sadness. I was embraced by the most nurturing and kind people in Melbourne – thank you to Rachael Jayne Groover for the opportunity. read more

Our Glorified Hustle

Our Glorified Hustle

Wanna listen to this article? Link to the audio is at the bottom.

Can we get real about the glorified hustle?

I was living the dream and creating like a bad@$$, until I just couldn’t do it anymore.

I’m hearing more and more statements like that.

The glorified hustle often starts with, “How can I make money in the next 30 days?”

This “cash-injection marketing plan” becomes the drive to keep the momentum going.

Thus… the hustle has been initiated.

And so does the chasing. The scheming. The figuring out. The working hard.

This is the glorified path to burnout. We start out with great intentions, then naturally find ourselves in the “how” to make it all work. But the “how” never leads to freedom, despite our most noble efforts. read more

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