The Convenient Lie with Glenyce Hughes

What’s beyond heavy and light? A few weeks ago Glenyce Hughes and I were talking about how we may be using this tool against ourselves. Oopsie. Have you ever had the experience where you *think* you are following your awareness (intuition) but it’s not...

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Six Coaching Myths + 15 things I Know for Sure

(You can listen to this below too) I’ve been in business for almost ten years and I’ve seen a lot and learned a lot in this industry. The first time I seriously considered getting out of the coaching biz was in 2012 when I burned my business down....

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Business Alchemy 34: True Alignment Beyond Your Marketing and the Illusion of “Purpose” with guest Beth Grant

Beth Grant is the creator of the Alignment Archetype Grid, which I commonly refer to as Marketing Archetypes and while aligning your marketing is an amazing piece, true alignment goes beyond your marketing. In this episode, we talk about what true alignment really takes and why it’s so important for people who want to make an impact.

Beth has identified 22 Principles of Alignment, efficiency is one of them. “Efficiency is the bi-product of alignment,” Beth says and goes on to explain that when you are alignment you experience a flow like nothing else.

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Business Alchemy 32: Your Sacred Story is the Story that Your Soul Came Here to Tell with Samantha Wallen

Writing a book is a hot topic, one that Samantha Wallen approaches differently. Writing your memoir is as much as about changing the lives of the reader as much as your own. When you see yourself on the page and access the home and purpose you already inhabit and using that to create the content of your work. At the heart of it is writing to heal, specifically right now, healing the divides between matter and soul, mind and heart, power and humanity that exists within and outside of ourselves.

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Business Alchemy 31: How to get Your Soul Message to Make a Big Difference with Amanda Johnson

The moment Amanda realized she needed to face her shame was the moment she knew she had a book to write. Sharing that shame also gave her the courage to write and empowered her clients to write about “the thing” they didn’t want to write about, but made the difference in their own healing and writing a book that matters.

You’ll also love Amanda’s tips on how to gain the support of your community to buy your book authentically.

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