Business Alchemy 13: Conscious Leadership and The Need to Be Right with Guest Carmell Clark

Through the darkness, my soul was calling me to freedom. As Carmell talks about the reinvention of letting go of her business to become an international leadership coach, she discovered along the way the four elements of Emotional Blackmail and the need to be right.

What would change our planet? What will heal and unify the divide that the recent US election has shined the light on?

Carmell gives us her tools of conscious leadership and why more than ever, it’s critical that women step up and support other women.

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Business Alchemy 12: Authenticity vs Essence in Business with Adele Wang

Authenticity. It’s an overdone word, yet is the foundation for business so what does this really mean?

In this episode, Adele and I discuss the challenges in the coaching industry, particular large group programs and some things to consider when starting out to ensure you get the support you truly require to build a solid foundation.

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Business Alchemy 11: How to Move Through Being Stuck with guest Kelly Sheets

Being stuck. Failure. Being “irresponsible” to follow your heart.

In this episode, Kelly Sheets and I talk about the myths of all of these things, which are really just self-imposed traps that are really keeping your brilliance locked away. What is really going on when you feel stuck and how to you move through it to the other side? In this episode, Kelly and I talk about the importance of perspective, curiosity, and asking questions to create true change in life and in the world.

What is really going on when you feel stuck and how to you move through it to the other side? One of my favorite pieces from this episode is when Kelly said, “Being stuck is really just being up against massive potential.”

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Business Alchemy 10: Overcoming Fear with Guest Renee Li

What is Soul Purpose Success? And how do you get there when fear shows up on your path?

One of my favorite takeaways from this show is when Renee described the difference of resistance showing up vs your intuition letting you know that you are on the wrong path. This shows up differently for everyone, but I think you’ll resonate with her description of this.

When you are being spirit-led, as Renee describes in her own journey, how do you not become “victim” to the guidance and consciously choose your path?

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Business Alchemy 09: Leading From Your Soul with Guest Priscilla Stephan

What does your soul know about the path to impact, abundance and deep fulfillment? Everything.

The challenge in business happens when we stop listening to our soul and start listening to our heads or what the “experts” and society tell us.

In this episode, we’ll explore how leading from your soul supports you in making a greater impact and creating a successful business.
We’ll also talk about the 5 archetypes of soul leadership and how everyone is a leader, whether they claim that title or not.

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Business Alchemy 08: Create Space that Matters with Guest Michelle Vos

Your environment and style plays an important role in your energy, how you perceive what’s possible, and your ability to create what you desire.

Where is the balance between being materialistic and honoring your essence in all forms: your clothing, style, and home?

In this episode, Michelle Vos and I explore how energy is the foundation for your style and how to tap into your essence instead of the latest trends.

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Business Alchemy 07: Breaking Free of Your Money Story as Healer with Guest Michelle Barr

What’s a Soul Brand and how do you build this as a healer who is answering the call of your soul, but may trip over the business side of your calling?

How do you know the difference between the resistance that shows up when you are growing or your soul telling you to go on a different path?

Michelle Barr and I talk about the ups and downs of being a healer and charging for your natural abilities (that you would likely do for free anyway.

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Business Alchemy 06: Soulful Profits with Guest Tami Gulland

Soulful Profits. Yes, you can make money as a soulful entrepreneur who helps a lot of people.

Tami has experienced the burnout from pushing so hard in order to prove that she could create profit and success.

As an intuitive who has the gift of also communicating with angels and your divine team, Tami also brings in decades of corporate experience in marketing.

Where is the balance between these two worlds? Tami will take us on the journey of pushing to true prosperity as we discuss the five elements needed to create and align to the Divine in business.

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Business Alchemy 05: The Courage Factor with Guest Shameca Tankerson

Courage. A simple word, but so many think it’s about confrontation and people avoid that.

Courage is about confrontation – confronting your old points of view, confronting your excuses and what you’re tolerating. Courage always leads to freedom.

In this raw interview with power-house Shameca, we talk about overcoming old money stories and what it really takes to choose courage when fear is standing in your way.

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