Business Alchemy is dedicated to empowering transformational entrepreneurs to break the rules and create magic. My audience is looking for real and transparent conversations and they’re over the hype in the online business world. I value equality, including of race, age, gender, and sexual preference. I’ve opened up the space so that all voices are heard on my show and welcome you to apply.

Who is a great guest? Truth Guides.

What’s that? It’s one of the Marketing Archetypes that I teach about and no, it does not mean “truth-teller.” Ths is a really important factor to your application. If you don’t know what your Marketing Archetype is, please take the quiz here first before applying.

This show isn’t the platform to primarily promote your latest event, book, or program. This IS the platform to have a real and transparent conversation about what matters to you and how you’ve broken the rules in your business. You can share a resource at the end of our conversation that refers to your site, book, or upcoming event.

I don’t ask for your top 3-5 questions and I don’t give you standard questions ahead of time. I’m a great interviewer and love asking people questions so if you’re willing to be real, have a great conversation, and give value to the listeners, fill out the application.  It may help to listen to an episode or two also.

Fill out this application and my team will contact you within one week about your application.

The show format is as follows:

We chat a few minutes before I hit record to get grounded and see if there are any topics that are currently hot for you right now. The show is 35-45 minutes and after a brief introduction (I do not read your bio), we’ll dive in. We’ll both keep an eye on the time and I’ll lead the conversation for you to talk about anything you have coming up that you’d like to share.

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