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Rebels, Rainmakers, Wizards, and Visionaries…

We KNOW there is a different way to build a business, so we continue to break the rules and challenge status quo.

We are in a world where people are waking up, formulas don’t work, and we are being called to create outside of what’s responsible, reliable, or normal.

There is no blueprint for our out-of-the-box magic and this why we are gathering.

You’re Invited to the Magic and Marketing Biz School

(secretly known as Hogwarts for Entrepreneurs,
but I’m pretty sure that I can’t legally call it that.)

This is where you’ll spend four weeks activating your magic and learning how to be your own Harry Potter. As cheesy as that may sound, there’s a power there that’s far beyond the 7-step fads and formulas.

No, I’m not talking about meditating better or a new visualization technique.

I’m talking about conspiring and co-creating with your magic, the universe, AND your business. You’ll learn how to amp up your superpowers, trust yourself and the universe, and build your business in a way that really works.

We’re going to create a totally different reality – one that’s beyond the box that you may have been trying to cram yourself into.

Plus, it’s fun. (Money – fun – business – all together? That’s crazy talk!)

Rest assured, this is NOT a hype-filled frenzy that tells you how to:

  • Book high-end clients as the end-all strategy you “should” do if you really had an abundance mindset.
  • Sell products while you sleep with hype-filled Facebook ads.
  • Launch a 5-figure webinar with “one simple formula.”
  • Have someone tell you what to do so you never have to think for yourself. (yep, I just went there)
  • Or other overdone topics that are likely flooding your Facebook feed and inbox.
    (Aren’t you glad that we’re doing something different?)

What ARE we going to create? See the week-by-week playbook and amazing bonuses below:


The Week-by-Week Playbook of Potions and Spells 🙂
(just couldn’t resist)

Week #1:

June 15
2 pm Mountain / 4 pm Eastern

The “Perfect” Pricing and Program Potion

If you’ve ever been confused or unclear about what types of products and programs to create, let alone what to charge for them, you’ll love what I’m teaching you in this potion. You’ll how to quickly determine what’s aligned and what’s not so you can create what’s aligned and completely authentic, which means it’s WAY easier to market.

You’ll learn how to communicate with your business, products, and programs as the conscious energy they are. Translation: creating the epic stuff in your business is SO much easier and more profitable.


Week #2:

June 22
3 pm Mountain / 5 pm Eastern

Cutting-Edge Questions and Clearings
How to Cut Through Limitations, Conditioning, and Crappy Beliefs. 🙂

This is the week where you become your own Harry Potter (truly). I’ll share my favorite tools that clear out old beliefs and puts you deeper in your intuition, vision, and how to create with ease. You’ll also learn how to ask Expansive Questions, which activate the universe to co-create with you and taps into your intuition so you can be profitable in your own way.


Week #3:

June 29
2 pm Mountain / 4 pm Eastern

Marketing Magic:
Learn the easiest 2-step “funnel” for Truth Guides

What’s a Truth Guide? It’s one of the Marketing Archetypes and who I specialize in working with. If you are reading this, there’s a 99.97% chance that you are a Truth Guide. (I’m not sure about the exact percentage because I just made that up, but you get the idea.)

If you’re burned out on funnels and online marketing, I’m sharing the easy button on how to make consistent income without burning out, over-investing, or doing things you “should” do according to the gurus.

Week #4:

July 6
2 pm Mountain / 4 pm Eastern

Accentuate Your Assets:
Activate and expand your superpowers to receive more money and clients

What if you didn’t have to do all of the heavy lifting in your marketing and business? What if you could play more? Have more fun? I’ll be sharing with you how to get out of controlling your business and creating WITH it with some specific tools that work like a charm.

I’m sharing my favorite tools to get out of your own way to receive money and new clients. Yes, there is action required but not the push that you’ve maybe been used to.


I use tools from Access Consiousness®. All calls will be on Zoom; an audio and video replay will be provided; use World Time Buddy to convert for your time zone. 


Your Birthday Bonuses:

What? Who’s birthday?
I’m turning the big 4-0 in June and you get one bonus for each decade I’ve been on the planet!

Bonus #1:

Value: $197

Bonus Live Q & A call + recordings of all of the calls.

Bonus call is on July 12 at 2 pm Mountain time.

Bonus #2:

Value: $97

Marketing Calendar

I’m gifting you a digital copy of my Soul Vision Marketing Calendar. I’ve used this for years and it works wonders to create a marketing plan that works! It’s a money tracker, newsletter planner, and marketing calendar all in one!

Bonus #3:

Value: $97

Money activation and clearing audio.

This powerful audio is a phenomenal way to pull money into your life. It includes Access Consciousness® clearings; you may have heard me refer to this as a Money Ball or Energy Pull.

Bonus #4:

Value: $97

Marketing Archetype™ Training Program:

Your Marketing Archetype™ is your natural ability to make more money with your gifts. When your marketing is alignment with who you are, marketing is something you love, not something you dread.

Right away, you’ll get my Marketing Archetype™ training so you can get connected with and understand your Marketing Archetype™ if you don’t already have this foundation.

If you are already familiar with your Marketing Archetype™, you get access to this training that you can refer back to anytime.


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