Is this familiar?

checkmark_prplMarketing is hard.


Even saying the word “marketing” feels ugh.


I can market other people a lot better than I can market myself.

checkmark_prplMarketing is a mystery. I have no idea what to do.

checkmark_prplI guess I have to spend more money & time on my marketing so it works.

What if instead of hoping (or avoiding it altogether)you were confident and clear on how to make money in your business?

And it was even easy, joyful, AND it worked?

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I hope marketing method

Too many brilliant SOULpreneurs are using “I HOPE” marketing because they haven’t found a way that resonates with them AND makes money. Let’s change that okay?!

You’ll get instant-access to this Marketing Archetype™ Training in my membership vault for FREE. 

Bonus: 20-page Marketing Archetype™ Guidebook with examples of marketing strategies that work and a cheat-sheet so you get inspired with how to grow your business authentically.

On this training you will learn:

1. Why marketing has felt slimy, difficult, or like the necessary evil you’ve wish you could avoid and how to turn it around quickly.

2. The keys to making marketing comfortable and even joyful when you discover your Marketing Archetype™.

3. How to leverage the natural ways your ideal clients are attracted to you so you can do what works and stop doing strategies you hate.

4. The top ways to market yourself based on your archetype so it’s aligned, authentic, and actually works!

Bonus: How to identify traits to look for in coaches and team when you hire them to make sure they are a fit for what you really need.

“I’ve had more results in the past 72 hours than in the past 72 days!” ~ Bridget
“I have a spark of hope again in my business!” ~ Heidi
“This is the first time I’ve been so calm while taking a marketing class.” ~ Lauren

Click the image above to register for just $97.

If you’ve hated marketing…

…you are not alone.

I hear this all the time from brilliant folks who are on their last string, and sometimes last dime, who are just wanting to get their work out into the world.

So you search. And you throw money into programs and products as an attempt to know how to get yourself out there the “right” way.

I invested $200,000 over five years to figure out the secret to creating more ease in my business, specifically my marketing. And I’m a friggin’ marketing strategist for crying out loud!

Sometimes your efforts work. All too often though, they don’t. Or they work with a lot of sacrifice, money, and time. (Hello burnout!)

The promise we often hear is if you follow the formula then it will work:

– The signature speech will convert sales.

– The sales script will sell out programs.

– The structure for the teleclass or webinar will create 5-figure paydays.

– The online marketing funnel will make you money while you sleep.

But the one-size-fits-all formulas don’t work.

When it didn’t work for me, I thought there was something wrong with me. I was told to hustle faster, call more people and work harder.

Can I help you to make your marketing wayyyy easier?

Click the image above to register for just $97.

Your business is about to get a whole lot easier.

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