You’re ready to work with me if you are:

chedkmark_goldA conscious entrepreneur who is also engaged in personal and spiritual development.

chedkmark_goldAccountable. You know you create your results and you are willing to do the inner and outer work.

chedkmark_goldDriven. You are committed to your business; there is no plan B.

chedkmark_goldReady to make more money doing your life’s purpose.

chedkmark_goldWilling to embrace ease and magic and let go of struggle.

Expand what you think is possible.

Private & Group Coaching

Enrollment into any group or private coaching is by application only. Apply for a strategy session here.

This is a blend of business training + hands-on implementation. Most self-paced programs only provide recorded trainings and I think we can agree that we don’t want one more program that just gives information – it’s the implementation that makes the difference.

The Intuitive Marketing Lab teaches you how to integrate your Marketing Archetype™, deepen your intuition, and communicate clearly with your business, products, and programs so you know how to share your services and make consistent money.

You can explore the program here. 

$222/mo USD (Canada residents take 20% off, Australia/New Zealand take 25% off)

12-month Group Coaching


  • The Intuitive Marketing Lab (includes monthly virtual work day + virtual business training)
  • Monthly live Actualizing call (60-90 minutes)
    This amplifies the energy of what you are creating; I was in a mastermind and this is the ONLY thing we did on a regular basis and what was created was incredible)
  • Monthly live clearing call (60-90 minutes)
  • Two in-person 2 1/2 day retreats (choose from two US locations and one Australian location)
  • Two virtual 1-day retreats

Investment: $7,500
(Payments: $1,500 deposit + 11 monthly payments of $545.45 OR Pay-in-full of $6,500)

Optional add-ons:

  • VIP Day
  • Private coaching with Angella or lead coach


Private Coaching

This is 6- or 12-month increments and is customized depending on your needs. Available options can include:

  • 1 or 2 private 45-minute coaching sessions per month
  • VIP Day (4 hours virtual or in person in Utah, USA
  • Unlimited Voxer access and limited email access
  • Copywriting and editing support

Investment starts t $10,000 USD and varies depending on the options you select. (10% discount applies for Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand residents)

Enrollment into any group or private coaching is by application only.
Apply for a strategy session here.

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