I’m the Harry Potter for business. Magic + strategy are my superpowers.

A few things to know about me:

1. I’m not a guru.

If you are looking for someone to tell you what to do so you don’t have to think for yourself or take accountability so you can avoid being the brilliant powerhouse that you are, I’m not your person.

If you are looking for someone to guide you, ask you questions so you get to your answers, and generously provide tools and resources that support you, your business, and your bank account, then let’s chat.

2. I don’t believe in formulas.

If all of the formulas worked, every entrepreneur would be making a lot more money and be vacationing every other week on a beach somewhere. That’s what the big, sexy promises on Facebook ads say right? I’m being sarcastic…. sort of.

3. You’re not broken and there is nothing to fix. (Pinky- promise and cross my heart…)

After decades of personal development, healings, affirmations, vision boards, and over $300 thousand dollars in coaches and events, I realized that I wasn’t broken. Either are you.

What if all of that self-perpetuated judgment, worry, and shame was just no longer part of your life? Yes, that’s totally possible and doable and I’ll teach you how to create that.

Here's a quick intro of what you'll find on this page. Listen here: (34 seconds)

My superpowers and how they can contribute to you:

Click on each section below to explore the magic I bring; you can also listen to the audio in the top of each section.

Marketing Genius

Listen to this section for the overview of my marketing superpower:

My clients and colleagues often refer to me as a “marketing genius.” This isn’t because I know and regurgitate the latest marketing fads, it’s because I know the strategies, mindset, and energy required to share your brilliance with the world in a way that attracts people and makes you consistent money. Through the Soul Message Archetypes (your messaging) and the Marketing Archetypes (your marketing), I’ve got you covered.

If you are looking for the 5-figure launch formula and checklist, I’m not your gal. If you want to master Intuitive marketing™ so anytime you desire to make money, you can, then let’s talk.

Messaging Maven + Wordsmith

Listen to how my own messaging was causing cycles of self-doubt every time I did what the experts told me to do:

I love words. l love to help put your multi-faceted brilliance into a cohesive and compelling message that attracts your ideal clients.

My clients often have many things they do well and have typically been told they need to “focus” or “pick a niche.” I don’t believe you have to cut parts off of you to have a marketable message. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can market every hobby and skill you have at the same time. This DOES mean, you can be all of you in your business without holding back or without apology. If you are looking for the 5-figure launch formula and checklist, I’m not your gal. If you want to master Intuitive marketing™ so anytime you desire to make money, you can, then let’s talk.

Folks who are looking for “flashy copy” that sounds like the hype that’s prevalent online – I’m not your person.

Authentic and aligned messaging is what I specialize in.

Magic & Transformation

Here I share about how magic became such a critical element in my life, business, and work with clients:

I’ve studied quantum physics and personal development for more than half of my life. In 2015, my entire world changed when I discovered the tools of Access Consciousness®.

I use these tools to transform old stories and limiting beliefs so you tap into your true magic and CREATE the life and business you truly desire.

When people come into my space, here’s what happens: possibilities are ignited, excuses and stories are re-written, and you are more of who you really are.

Translation: If you are committed to drama, bullshit stories, limitations and unwilling to take radical accountability for your life, business, and results, I’m not your person. If you desire to step into a space of non-judgment, infinite possibilities, and a deep self-trust, then let’s chat.

Live Event Expert

Listen to my philosophy about how to have a deeply transformational, AND highly profitable, live event. Whether you want to host a 1-day virtual or in-person workshop, a multi-day event, or a retreat, there are a couple of ways I can support you:

You’ve likely attended the traditional 3-day event in the coaching world, which is a lot of selling, a lot of hype, and not a whole lotta content.


I’ve hosted over 100 live events. The biggest being over 600 people for a 1/2 event. I’ve sold six figures from multiple events through the years.

I love creating a space of transformation and high profitability. Why is the profitability important? I lost $40k on my first big live event and was devastated. I see way too many people either break the bank or break even on their live events, and it’s just unnecessary. I turned that around (thank goodness) and learned how to create highly transformational and highly profitable events.

My sweet spot is to invest $10k in a 3-day event and walk away with $100k+ in sales. I don’t do free events, bring-a-friend-for-free, or get a refundable deposit for my events, which are common strategies the coaching industry has used to “sell out” rooms. Can it really be considered ‘selling out” an event if all of the tickets are free? (Things that make ya go hmmm…)

If you want to learn how to do this on your own, tell my team that you would like more info on my Soul Vision Events product, which includes my 110-page “Event Bible” as my clients call it. This gem teaches you what you need to know before, during, and after a live event so you fill the room, create transformation, and make a great profit.

Or, if you would like consulting and even on-site coaching at your event to support your content and sales strategies, book a session with me and we can discuss how I can support you.

What I Stand For

The inside scoop of who I am and what I stand for:

My Marketing Archetype: I’m a Truth Guide and connector.
My Soul Message Archetype: Champion followed by Engineer.
My Human Design is a Projector: (Check out this training I did with my friend Kris if you want to know more about this.)

Put all of these systems together and what this basically means is I see the big picture. More importantly, I see the real YOU in that big vision and a path for you to create beyond what you think is possible.

Along with being a visionary, I know the steps to create it and help my clients map that out so they can implement things.

I value quality over quantity. I give a shit. I deeply care about people and innately believe in their ability to create the impossible. I’ve always cheered for the underdog.

I stand for equality. Period. Racial, religious, gender, sexual orientation. Equality, unity, oneness, and I don’t tolerate bigotry, narcissism, or abuse of any kind.

Accountability is another top value of mine. You create 100% of your results, every single time.

I don’t do pretense or bullshit and I don’t hang out with people who do. My motto is “mean what you say, say what you mean.”
I am who I am on and off stage (online or offline). I’m the same person when I speak, on social media, and having a glass of wine with friends.
One of the biggest pieces of feedback I get from clients is how transparent and real I am.

I create a space of infinite possibilities and non-judgment. I’ve always been the person who strangers tell their life stories to and people tell their darkest secrets to. Why? I don’t judge and I support you to BE who really are.

I’m spiritual, not religious. I respect your beliefs, so long as it’s not abusive or harmful of course.

I cuss. Sometimes a lot.

You’re ready to work with me if you are:

chedkmark_goldA conscious entrepreneur who is also engaged in personal and spiritual development.

chedkmark_goldAccountable. You know you create your results and you are willing to do the inner and outer work.

chedkmark_goldDriven. You are committed to your business; there is no plan B.

chedkmark_goldReady to make more money doing your life’s purpose.

chedkmark_goldWilling to embrace ease and magic and let go of struggle and old stories.

chedkmark_goldCommitted to create your life, not just talk or think about it.

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