coldplay_in_seattleLast week I was in the beautiful city of Seattle, Washington to see Coldplay in concert. Coldplay wasn’t coming to Utah so my husband and I used that as an excuse to take a mini holiday.

 And it was brilliant. I loved it. The really cool part is when Coldplay did their encore, they made a surprise appearance in the audience and it was about 20 feet away from me. I don’t tend to get star struck per se, but it was amazing to see talent up, close and personal. (The pic to the left is my hubby and I eagerly waiting for the show to begin.)

I can’t help but have my marketing brain on most of the time. I look at the world through this filter of “how did they do this?” or “What strategy did they implement, either on purpose or accidentally?” I observe how people did things so I can apply it to my own business if it makes sense and I can teach my clients something new they can use.

In next week’s newsletter, I’ll be sharing the four tips I learned from Coldplay that you can implement into your business to make more money by creating raving loyal fans.