Lisa Nichols: Changing your conversations changes your results.

Lisa Nichols: Changing your conversations changes your results.

Lisa Nichols, one of the teachers on The Secret, addressed a crowd of about 700 business people in July 2008 and I was there on the front row. My life will never be the same. She said, “The only thing keeping you from what you want are your conversations. Change your conversations and you change your results.”

That stuck with me and does to this day. Is really the only thing keeping me from what I desire my conversations? The answer? YES! Have I learned that the easy way? Yes. Have I learned it the hard way (not getting what I want)? Yes. Because I have learned this the hard way, I am more committed than ever to integrate this into my life even more.

Now go back a step. Not only is it the words out of my mouth, but it’s my confidence, my power, my posture, my energy. This is all a part of the conversation. It makes THE difference between closing a deal or not. I’ve taken this on in deeper way in my life because I desire to create HUGE things now for my businesses and my life. I also know that in order to be the best, I have to learn from the best.

This is why I’ve put together several people who have inspired me and made huge impacts on my life for a workshop on September 19 from 9:00 – 4:00 p.m. (location is being finalized and will be in SLC, Utah.)

In this workshop you will take away:

  • Your genius skill set and the confidence to BE your genius in the world. This kind of power is what sets you apart from your ‘competition.’
  • Presentation techniques for one-0n-one conversations and in group settings. No more feeling nervous about what you are going to say and how you are going to say it.
  • Tips about how to have ‘conversations that set you free,’ including how to ask for capital, clients and negotiating tips. When you have those conversations that put a pit in your stomach, you will change your life.
  • Real and easy tools to be more confidant, radiant and in your genius.
  • What is your brand essence and do you communicate your brand?

Megan Sillito

Everyone person has unique qualities and as Megan Sillito calls it, this is “Your genius!” I was inspired by Megan several months ago when she asked me how different would my life and business be if I owned my genius and spent all of my time in my genius (verses ‘trying’ to do everything myself.) This took a big turn in my business and I’m course correcting daily to spend more and more time in my genius – the things that make me feel alive, the things I’m REALLY good at and love to do.

To own your genius even more, you have to experience Megan’s message personally. She will lead a 3-hour workshop on September 19. Following her will be some other mentors who will take that genius and show you how to put it in your brand, your conversations, presentation techniques and your business model.

You will be led through amazing exercises on how to have powerful conversations that create results. Carol Pope, an entrepreneur and genius at training people to have powerful capital conversations, will lead you through what a capital conversation sounds like. Capital conversations are not just about money. It’s about negotiating with contracts, closing deals, enrolling new clients, and enrolling people in your vision. After this part of the workshop you will have capital (money) conversations, ask for clients, ask for what you are looking for from an authentic, powerful place and will be amazed at what happens. This is how I created $7,000 in less than 24 hours, how I created an international star, Lisa Nichols, to be a keynote presenter at a first-year event, which she never does. I’ve created many things using these principles and I’m compelled to share it with fellow entrepreneurs! I’m always learning too, which is the great part.

You will also learn confidence building techniques using NLP and what is called as “anchoring” from my mentor, Cathryn Eaton. To top it all off, what does your personal brand say about you? Your brand is more than your logo, it’s you, and you deserve to show up in your genius essence. Auretha Callison, image coach and consultant, will take you on a powerful process of accessing your personal brand and showing up in your genius for the world to see.

Trust me, you deserve this boost in your life and business and for only $89 for this full-day workshop, you will be amazed at what this one day will make.

See you on September 19; there are only 30 seats are available. To take $30 off the $119 registration, enter BIZDIVAS for your coupon code. This code expires  on September 5 or until tickets run out.

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