*The image below is a screensaver you can save to your mobile device. It’s a great way to remind you to ask expansive questions.

Your business has a soul. ⁠

At least that’s the way I look at it. ⁠

I remember when I read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and I loved the way she describes how creativity has its own energy that moves THROUGH you.

The time I kept thinking, “Finally someone else is talking about how this works!”⁠

So often, soulpreneurs do a lot of heavy lifting in their business. We are rewarded through our effort and hard work. ⁠

When we co-create with our business and listen to the wisdom that it has, we speed through things that were once challenging. ⁠

We lean into the partnership instead of working FOR the business. ⁠

Ask this expansive question and simply see what awareness shows up. ⁠

These questions are not about getting the “right” answer. It’s about opening up to possibilities. It’s about getting quiet and listening. It’s about trusting that the universe and your business has your back if you’re willing to receive the guidance and support.

To remind you of using these powerful questions, here is a screensaver for your phone.

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