Comparing yourself to anyone else is a never-ending cycle. There will ALWAYS be someone thinner, richer, taller, smarter, younger, wiser…and it’s all perception. None of it is real.

But we make it real when we play the game because it’s keeping brilliant people STUCK. And being stuck feels very real.

I recall my friend and mentor, Tina Metcalf (a great life coach) reminding me that “Comparison is the source of all pain.” So just stop it. Stop the comparison game.

I’m in two masterminds. One I meet with monthly in person and I sincerely adore everyone in the group. But there has been a problem. I was making other people’s success about what I was or was not doing in my life and business. Rather than celebrating their success fully, I was staying stuck in comparison.

Several people I mastermind with said this was creeping up in their thoughts too. Why do we do this? If we can’t be happy for others for their success, then we will not attract that success to the fullest extent that we can.

When I fessed up to my comparison with one fellow mastermind member, I let her know that I apologized for not celebrating fully with her and the success she has worked so hard for, especially recently. Whew, that felt good. I felt a shift in my heart and mind and it opened the door for me to learn from her rather than look at her fantastic successes with envy.

In our conversation I noticed that she said “I’ve worked my butt off for the results I have now.” I notice that I say the same thing when I accomplish my goals. Why do we have to justify why good things happen to us with using “hard work” as the only way we deserve it?

How hard are you making yourself work before you feel you DESERVE your success?

More importantly, I realized that the comparison game was also keeping me from celebrating my own success. I had almost looked past what I have accomplished lately and downplayed it.

What would happen if we just accepted the good things because we are FREAKING FABULOUS?!!! Period! No justification. No reason. Just received it because it is who we are?

Now wouldn’t that shake things up a bit in your goals? So go ahead, celebrate your success. Just accept it because you are amazing. There is nothing to work for. Just BE!