Welcome to a world where soul meets strategy and following your intuition is just as important as taking action. 

The Intuitive Marketing Matrix™ is my main jam + I’m a business alchemist who activate your brilliance so you make more money doing the work you love to do with more ease. 

What is Alchemy? It’s the art of transforming regular substances into gold.

The elements we use to alchemize your business are:




money makers

magic & mindset

How do I work with people?

To explore my signature Intuitive Marketing programs, go here. To explore my annual event CREATE, go here.

I work with a handful of private clients at a time in either 2-hour Marketing-Makeover Sessions or 3- or 6-month month packages.

Who do I work with? 

I work with service-based transformational entrepreneurs, including coaches, healers, speakers, authors, practitioners, consultants. 

You’re a great fit if you:

  • Are open to using your intuition in your life and business
  • Are committed to continuing your personal development and inner work
  • Are coachable and committed to take action
  • Show up fully even when you’re uncomfortable
  • Desire to make more money
  • Already have a business, even if you’re within the first few years
  • Are excited to discover and implement the strategies that work for you instead of following someone else’s formula

To explore the options of creating together, your first step is to fill out the form below. You will emailed some questions to reply to and send back to me. At that point, if I feel like we could be a likely fit, I’ll send you the link to book a no-cost, no-pressure exploration call with me. 

By filling out the form above, you’ll be sent questions to answer and email back to me.

If I feel that I can help you, I’ll send you a link to schedule a no-pressure chat with me (45 minutes) and we’ll discuss what it looks like to work together. If I don’t feel like I’m the best fit for what you’re looking for, I’ll reply back to your email with some suggestions and referrals.

1-on-1 work

Marketing Makeover Sessions are a deep-dive session with 30 days of support.
They are ideal to clarify your messaging, marketing pipelines, email sequences, offers, website copy, marketing copy, event strategy, and more.

Your session includes:

  • Pre-work to get really clear on what you’re creating (this alone creates clarity and momentum)
  • 2-hour recorded Zoom session
  • Any resources that may be helpful to you after your session (templates, checklists, audio trainings, etc.)
  • Written recap of next steps from our session (I send this to you within 7 days of our session)
  • Follow-up 30-minute coaching session to be used within 45 days of your 2-hour session
  • Message and website audit (this is a screenshot video of your website messaging and pipeline so you can clearly see what’s working and what to adjust)
  • 30 days of online coaching

Sessions can be used for:
– Messaging
– Marketing
– Website copywriting and review
– Crafting your offers and pricing
– Creating your signature system
– Event strategy
– Clients love to use these on a quarterly basis to map out their 90-day marketing plans, too.
– Creating pipelines to your core offers
– Outlining your opt-ins and email sequences

Investment is $2,000 USD

To book your session, email angella@angellajohnson.com.

Private coaching with me is for a duration of three or six months and after we chat, we’ll determine what package you need to move your business forward. Options can include:

+ two 2-hour marketing make-over sessions
+ monthly 45-minute coaching session(s)
+ unlimited Voxer access
+ website and marketing copy review
+ SOS calls (10-minute calls as needed)
+ copywriting and editing

$2,500-$10,000 USD

To apply, fill out the form above and that will guide you to the next steps.

To explore one of my signature Intuitive Marketing options, go here.