Hi, I’m Angella Johnson and I guide mission-driven service-based entrepreneurs to take up more space in the world with their big ideas so they can make great money doing the work they love.

How? Through Intuitive Marketing and Soulful Business coaching.

I’m where strategy meets soul so you get the best of both worlds. No need to cut off your intuition, here we use it to grow your business.

No one-size-fits-all formulas. No spiritual bypassing or toxic positivity. No toxic marketing. 

Rebels, feminists, activists, and soulful entrepreneurs welcome!

Check out my superpowers and how I work with people below.


The Intuitive Marketing Method™ is my main jam and my superpowers are:

Simple Marketing Strategies: Marketing can be easeful, joyful, and SIMPLE and totally aligned with who you are.

Messaging, words, and copywriting:  I help you say what you really wanna say + say it in a way that has you want to buy your own stuff.

Birthing your unique body of work into the world: I frequently help people create their unique body of work and bring it into the world. This also means taking alllllll of your ideas and moving parts in your business and streamlining things to be a powerful body of work you get paid well for.

*Human Design Geeks – I’m a 4/6 Projector and I’m wired to deeply see people, improve systems and the collective, create community, and guide people to share their meaningful work with the world.


Beyond the messaging and marketing work I do with my clients, here’s what I really do:

I deeply see you. I deeply hear you.

I see what’s possible and reflect it back to you so you can see it, too.

I help you gain the courage to say yes to the things you really want. It’s not a “go big or go home” kind of thing… it’s a “what makes your soul free” and then we craft your business to be a vehicle to do just that.

I guide you to put down what you no longer need to carry, even if it’s been part of your identity for so long.

I create the space of non-judgment so you show up exactly as the powerful person you are because you have come too far to quit now.

This is where a business coach meets a soul guide + I bring my other talents along for the ride to support you: copywriter, website designer, brander, speaker, event designer and host, and more.

I’ve been a full-time entrepreneur since 2009… I know the ups and downs and I’m here for all of it.


Is this you?

  • A service-based transformational entrepreneur, including a coach, consultant, speaker, author, practitioner
  • You use your business as an expression of your commitment to changing the world, including social justice, diversity, and equity

  • Are open to using your intuition in their life and business
  • Are committed to continuing your personal development and inner work without spiritual bypassing or using toxic positivity
  • Are coachable and committed to taking aligned action in a way that supports your nervous system and rest
  • Show up even when you’re uncomfortable
  • You desire to make more money or make the same amount of money but without the hustle and hype
  • You already have a business, even if you’re within the first few years
  • You are excited to discover and implement the strategies that work for you instead of following someone else’s formula


Sound like a fit? 

To explore the options of how we can work together, your next step is to  book a Strategy Session here for $150 USD.

You will walk away from this session with clarity of next steps and you can ask me questions about your business. We’ll also discuss options of how I can work with you further and if there is a fit, you can apply the $150 toward an offer of $1,000 or more.

My Offerings

To explore the Intuitive Marketing Method™, start here.

To inquire about getting certified in the Intuitive Marketing Method™, join the waitlist here.


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Intuitive Marketing Method™ Certification

This is a 6-month intensive that includes online training, group coaching, and private coaching.

The first three months are dedicated to boosting your own business and marketing.

The second three months are dedicated to guiding you on how to train the material so you can be certified.

The program includes your license for one year after you are certified.

Investment is $5,000 and a generous payment plan and partial scholarships are available.

To join the waitlist, go here. Doors will open in the late fall of 2021.

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Intuitive Marketing Method™ 4-week Course

This mini course is designed to teach you the framework of the Intuitive Marketing Method™ so you can start integrating it into your own business right away. 

Investment is $150 and you can get the details here.


This is one of my most popular courses all about helping you craft your core message.

This self-paced course takes you through how to:

Identify your Soul Message Archetype™

Craft your marketing message

Develop content topics to share your message through various platforms.

Investment is $500 and you can get the full details here.

Marketing for Projectors

This online event hosted several Projectors and Human Design experts dedicated to guide Projectors to be seen.

Investment ranges from $50-$150 (partial scholarships available).

Get the details here.

To see my full marketplace of online courses
and programs go here.

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1-hour Ignite Sessions

Looking for a quick boost of clarity and momentum without a lengthy coaching package?

An Ignite session may be the perfect thing. 

These robust 1-hour sessions focus on specific areas, including:

  • Create Your Offer
  • Content Mapping Session
  • Message & Copywriting
  • Marketing Plan Session
  • Website Review
  • And More

Before your 1-hour session, you submit prep work to me to assist in clarity and getting the most out of your session. 

After your session, I send you a recording and notes of your session so you have the exact next steps laid out.

One hour. Pure magic. 

You can see the details of the various sessions and book your session here.

Investment is $500 USD.

Website Review

This is where I do a screenshot video of up to five pages on your site to provide specific and detailed feedback through four lenses: 

    1. Energetic: how does the page feel and does it keep people’s energy?
    2. Messaging and Copy: are you communicating a clear, compelling and authentic message?
    3. Layout and design: are the colors, images, formatting, spacing, and visual elements all on point and contributing to the message you want to be communicating?
    4. Strategy: does the page do what you want it to do? Is there a clear Call-to-action?

Oftentimes, my clients send the videos right to their web team to implement changes if they don’t know how to do it themselves. 

Investment is $500

To book your session, go here.

Content-Mapping Session

In this 60-minute session, we outline your content topics for your marketing campaign for the next 90+ days. 

This includes specific content to share through newsletters, social media, videos, audios, and visual graphics. 

Typically clients walk away with topics for 6 months of what to share to create engagement and magnetic sales without always having to overtly sell.

Includes a written summary of topics and a marketing calendar.

Investment: $500

To book your session, email [email protected] to confirm availability.

VIP Days

VIP Days are either 6 hours virtual or in person (with time for lunch and spaciousness) and we focus on the core elements of your business: Message, Marketing, and Your Money Makers (offers and pricing).

Specialty VIP days are also available for projects like fine-tuning your signature body of work, designing your event or retreat, and more.

The VIP day includes a 45-minute session within 30 days after the VIP day.

Investment is $3,000 USD.

To book your session, email [email protected] to confirm availability and to apply.

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Customized Private Coaching

Private coaching with me is for a duration of three or six months and after we chat, we’ll determine what package you need to move your business forward.

Options can include:

+ two 2-hour marketing makeover sessions
+ monthly 45-minute coaching session(s)
+ unlimited Voxer access
+ website and marketing copy review
+ SOS calls (10-minute calls as needed)
+ copywriting and editing

Monthly investment ranges from $1,000-$2,500 per month.

*I currently have a waitlist until October 2021.

To inquire about coaching, book a Strategy Session here for $150 USD.

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