Words. Messaging. Copywriting. Design. Layout.

I love it all.

I have a knack for extracting someone’s brilliance and putting it into words that clearly articulates you and the value you bring.

It also helps that I’m OCD and pay extreme attention to details in design.

In college, I petitioned the university I was attending to let me create my own major and I was approved. I paired together advertising, graphic design, and journalism together. I’m one of the few people I know who uses my degree in every single job I’ve had and every single day in my business.

Why did I do this? In my graphic design classes, I noticed that none of the students could write worth a damn. In my journalism classes, I noticed that no one could do a layout for an ad and they couldn’t tell you why a magazine spread looked like crap. Yet, I could play with both worlds and bring them together easily.

My dream job was to work for a magazine doing the layout, interviewing people, doing the writing, and telling life-changing stories.

I pretty much do that now, it just looks a lot different than the vision I had in the early 90s.

I love working with Truth Guides who are creating awesome things in the world. 

Here are some traits that mean I’m likely not a fit for you:

  • You say things like,”I just need to make my copy more snazzy to attract more clients.”
  • You’re a Guru Star Archetype. Not sure what my Marketing Archetypes are? You can take the quiz here.
  • Your focus is about building an online empire at any cost, even if it means selling stuff to people who don’t actually need your stuff.
  • You’re not making enough money in your business to hire a professional. If your idea of getting great copy is to hire someone on Fivver, I’m not your gal. 
  • You do 17 different things and want each unique service to be on your website. 

Here are the done-for-you services I provide:

Copywriting for Websites

Complete Websites in WordPress (copy, visual brand, design)


Other details that will help you determine if we would be a good fit:

What I don’t do/write: Facebook ads, flyers, opt-in gifts or ebooks, other people’s books.
I only work on WordPress websites.

I only work on a couple of projects at a time and take on less than ten major copywriting website projects per year.

Copywriting for a standard website starts at $4,000 USD. Full website design is anywhere from $5,000-$10,000 depending on if you need full visual branding and a logo, or just a new web design using your existing brand. It also depends on how much copy you need to have written.

Copy usually takes 14-30 days. Websites usually take 30-60 days depending on what you need. I usually have a waiting list of 15-45 days.

So, if you would like to chat and see how I can support you, shoot me an email (angella @ angellajohnson.com).

Do-it-Yourself Options:
If this is more than what you’re looking for, I can make some referrals for you – just send me an email.

You can also check back soon for my DIY Website Guide that takes you through how to do a lot of the site work yourself and hire parts of it out. For copywriting support, check out my 5-week course called WORD.

Done-WITH-You Option:
If you want to simply get some support on your messaging (who you are and how to bring all of what you do together in one cohesive message so you can market yourself effectively), consider one of my Revive sessions. We spend two hours working it all out and then you write everything. This can be a very effective option if you have the skills to write but it’s just not coming together.