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Brand New Program for 2022!

Welcome to Emerge, my brand new group program. This program is 4-months and includes two private coaching sessions, making it a perfect blend of 1:1 support, community, training, and this program is designed to do one core thing:

Help you become more visible while honoring your nervous system, mental health, and reaching your soul-inspired business goals.

We start on January 12th and this one-of-a-kind small-group program is one of the few ways to work with me in 2022.

*Emerge is limited to 12 participants.

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Messaging and Copywriting

WORD is my popular course all about messaging and copywriting and will walk you through how to craft your soulful message that engages with your ideal audience.

You’ll understand why using pain points in your messaging and marketing is actually backfiring in your business and what to do instead.

You’ll also discover your Soul Message Archetype™, which will help you be more confident and clear in your unique message.

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Live Workshops

These hands-on workshops are a wonderful way to get training and actually get things DONE.

*All of these workshops are included with the Emerge program.

Workshops are three hours and start at 12 noon Mountain time.

January 19: Messaging and Copywriting Without Using Pain Points

March 16: Email Marketing – Writing Emails That are Life-Giving Instead of Soul-Sucking

June 8: Simple Sales Pages That Work (And Don’t Make You Cringe or Cry)

These are 3-hour hands-on workshops with lots of breaks so you’re not just staring at a screen the whole time – it’s where you actually get stuff done.

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*There is no official sales page for these workshops. For questions email [email protected]

Intuitive Marketing Method™

The Intuitive Marketing Method™ course goes far beyond simply using your intuition to make decisions in your business.

In this self-paced online course, you’ll learn simple and effective, yet profound methods of marketing your business.

Not only will be a wiser consumer, you’ll also learn how to market yourself in a way that is genuine, engaging, and gets you results with easy 1-page marketing plans and more.

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