I’m a fraud. 

Have you ever felt like that?


I’m scared.

Have you felt like that today?


I don’t want to do this. I can’t do this.

Is that something you have told yourself this week?


Here is the truth: (I told you, I’m going to be raw, real and totally transparent.)

There are some days I wake up and I don’t want to get on the computer. I don’t want to write my newsletter. I don’t want to get on the phone. I don’t want to make sales calls. Then I argue with myself because I know that unless I’m making sales, I’m not in business. And having a hobby isn’t what I signed up for.

Some days I feel like a wanna-be-preneur instead of an actual entrepreneur. I figure things out as I go, teaching what I can as I go to others who are teachable.

I get afraid of what people will think. I get bored with my message. I question if I’m doing all I can for my clients. I wonder how I can “compete” with other people in my market. I wonder what really makes me different or if it’s all in my head.

Will my friends will be by my side through the whole thing? Will my husband? Will I stay be my side?

Will I follow my intuition? Or let my perception of what I think people want dictate what I do?

Will I get stuck? If so, for how long.

I feel the pressure of being a certain way and if I have a bad day, can I share it? What kind of example would that be if I do?

Most of what I do doesn’t work. The 20% that does work, works well. Most of the time, except when it doesn’t. Then I actually get pissed that the 80/20 rule is working like that in my business. Can I flip that around? Then I see that it’s pretty normal when other entrepreneurs honestly share what’s going on for them.

If I act a certain way, will people work with me? I sabotage my success. I have fear storms.

I feel like a fraud. Can I really say that? Will I lose all credibility?

I wonder if “this” will really work? It won’t work exactly the way I want it to. It will require adjustments, tweaks, support and maybe even some tears.

Why isn’t my list growing faster? Where are places to speak? How do I reach my goal of $500k this year? Is that even possible? Is it possible for me?

People who said “yes” will quit. People who said “No” before will come to the surface when their time is right.




Breathe again.


Why am I sharing this? I’m honest in my journey.

And quite frankly, I’m tired of businesses that “fake it until they make it” because there is no such thing. Only until we share the truth, can we be free; free in our money, business, health and relationships.

Because with all of this, I also know the truth.

The truth is I have what it takes. I’m doing it. Every day I keep going. I created a 6-figure business in 15 months. So can you.

Fear is just an illusion and there are moments, days, and weeks that it feels paralyzing.

I know what it’s like to work you butt off and something doesn’t work out. Or you get hurt. Or you take something personally.

This is why I can relate to you. I know what it’s like. I know how to turn the fear storms into solid ground to stand on as your platform to share your message with the world.

I know what it feels like to wonder if your message makes a difference. I have been shaking with nerves before walking on stage, knowing I didn’t lose that 30 pounds I wanted to before the event, and wonder will people “get” me? Then to be walking down the hall after the presentation wondering if I did the best job you could and someone literally runs up to me, throws their arms around you and thanks me for speaking up and speaking out. Now they have the courage to do the same thing.

Ya, the shaking was worth it. Now I can look at someone in the eye before they walk on stage and know what it feels like when they are shaking and questioning their power.

I know what it’s like to launch a program and wonder if people will join. Sometimes it flops. Sometimes it’s a smashing success.

I know what it’s like to make the first sale after you have raised your prices and you are overjoyed that you have a client who matches your new vibration. Ironically, just minutes before you were in a fear storm because “no one will ever pay that” when the real fear was “Am I worth that much?”


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Same Boat – Different Paddle

Remember, the next time you “feel like a fraud,” the truth is on the other side of that. Go through it.

When you get support, you get to your destination quicker and you take a journey that is easier and more effective. I’m here for you.

Same Boat – Different Paddle

With Love,