Discover Your Unique Way to Make Money.

Here’s what most people do: 

(even the smarty pants)

Or maybe you’ve told yourself:

“I can market others better than I can market myself.”

“If I work just a little harder and a little longer, it’s got to work out.”

“I’m sabotaging myself so I need to do some more mindset work before I can really put myself out there.”

If you want to skip to the bottom line, here you go:

The updated workshop will be available on March 6th.

If you are interested in the in-person option in Ogden, Utah fill out the form below..

You’ll walk away knowing the four types of marketing that every business needs and an easy marketing plan that is aligned with YOU. 

See below for the details of what’s included.

Register below:

The updated online workshop will be available on March 20th
You will also get access to one in-person workshop when you buy the online course.
Details for the in-person workshop will be emailed to you when you register.

Investment: $297 through March 31 $495
(pricing is going up on April 1)


In-person Workshop:

*Includes the recording of the online workshop so you can refer to the material as needed.

Marketing shmarketing – what if it can be way easier and way more effective?

I know you put your heart and soul into your business and there is part of you that really wants to believe that if you follow your passion, then the money will show up.

I also know that you’ve likely tried some things… and they didn’t quite work out. 

What is the Intuitive Marketing Workshop and what will it do for you?

After teaching this workshop live dozens of times over the years and doing this work with my one-on-one clients, I’ve streamlined the process to make it even easier, more simple, and more effective. 

In February, I’m teaching this live in-person and online. After that, this is a self-paced online workshop where I walk you through exactly how to market yourself in a way that is aligned for YOU.

But what about when you have questions? I got you covered. I have a private Facebook group where you can ask me any question as you go through this and I’m there. 

If you’ve ever wondered how to bring ALL of you into your business, including your intuition, the answer is YES it’s possible and I’ll show you how. 

This way, you don’t have to wait for one of the few times I offer these workshops now and you can get started now. 

It’s kind of like you have a marketing genie in your back pocket. 

In the workshop, I will walk you through these seven steps and you get some sweet bonuses too:

Intuitive Marketing vs Marketing

Traditional marketing teaches one-size-fits-all formulas that breed co-dependent relationships of you always searching outside of yourself for the “answer.” What if you know more than you think you do? 

In this module, you’ll learn the easy and practical tools to tap into your gut instinct so you trust yourself as your guide while you implement strategies that actually work. 

Get Your Essential Ingredients

This is where you’ll craft your offer and pricing and make sure it’s ready to go. After all, if you don’t have something to sell, what do you market?

You’ll also get the other essentials: how to be comfortable with being visible and how to deliver your service in a way that’s aligned with you and brings you joy and profitability.   

Plan Your 4 Types of Marketing

If you feel overwhelmed with all of the things you’re supposed to be doing, you’ll love how simple this is! 

As you understand the four types of marketing you need, you’ll be able to easily manage your marketing actions and have time to enjoy your life too! 

Hint: One of these types of marketing doesn’t require any action, it’s all about your energy and the guided visualization I have for you with this is incredible. It’s a practice I use regularly in my business and it shifts your energy and mindset in profound ways.

Why is Your Offer Awesome?

As you briefly outlined your offer in step #2, knowing why it’s so awesome is important if you want to confidently market it and after this step, you’ll love your offer so much, you’ll want to buy it.

I’ll walk you through how to identify why your offer stands out, who it’s for, and what problems it solves so when it comes to share it, you’re confident and clear about its value.

What about pricing? If you tend to overgive and underprice, you’ll love my Perfect Pricing Potion. I know it sounds a little cheesy, but cheesy in a Harry Potter sort of way and that’s awesome. You’ll also get clear on your congruent pricing that honors your time, creates results for your client, and feels really good to your soul. 

Create Your Easy-Peasy 1-Page Marketing Plans

If you can’t put your marketing plan on one piece of paper, the chances that you’ll actually do it drops significantly. So let’s make this easy, okay? 

You’ll go through my one-page template for each thing you are offering, plus I give you some tips to consistently be visible, which will organically grow your business too. 

If this sounds like too much, I promise you it’s not. I show you how to put everything in that brilliant brain of yours onto ONE page and that will make your life easier and your bank account happier. 

Delegate and Schedule It, baby!

This is my favorite step because now you see everything you DON’T have to do. 

Now that you have your marketing plans mapped out, you’ll do two fabulous things:

1. You’ll delegate stuff to people who can do it better than you can. And if you don’t have a team, I’ll share with you my favorite tips to get help without breaking the bank. 

2. Schedule it! Yep, you’re going to put stuff on your calendar instead of leaving it on a piece of paper only to get lost in another to-do list.

Sabotage, be Damned!

Woohoo! Now, this is where the real results happen. 

Having the clarity of what you are doing is the first hurdle. Now it’s time to DO it. 

In this step, we’re going to get under that pesky mindset stuff that might be creeping up so you don’t sabotage your efforts and you see real progress!

I also share my favorite tips to get out of your own way with some resources that will support you with actually getting your marketing DONE!

Yay, presents!

In addition to the steps you see outlined here, I have some other tools that will make your life even easier:

  • 1-page Marketing Plan Template you can use for anything you want to market
  • Easy-Peasy Marketing Checklist so you don’t forget anything important
  • Delegation Checklist so you can focus on your zone of genius
  • Sample Marketing Plans by REAL people
  • Live Support: Facebook group to ask me questions <== that bonus is HUGE.


Register below:

The updated online workshop will be available on March 20th
You will also get access to one in-person workshop when you buy the online course.
Details for the in-person workshop will be emailed to you when you register.

Investment: $297 through March 31 $495
(pricing is going up on April 1)


In-person Workshop:

*Includes the recording of the online workshop so you can refer to the material as needed.

My Commitment and Why I Care

Once upon a time…

I hired an expensive coach. It was more money than I had ever spent other than my rent, mortgage, or college tuition. 

I was so tired of being broke. 

I was so tired of that pit in my stomach 24/7 that held the secret fear of, “What if I suck and what if this doesn’t work?”

So when I heard, “Just do everything I tell you to do and you’ll be successful,” I was happy to listen. 

I followed the formulas. I discounted my intuition to the point that I completely shut down my spiritual connection. 

But I was making money! I was the poster child of a 6-figure business.

It worked until it didn’t.

That’s when I learned lesson #1: 
Making money can be expensive if you don’t listen to your gut.

You’ll pay the price somewhere and I did. 

My life crashed. Depression set in. I had lost myself.  

But hey, I was making money. 

That’s when I learned lesson #2:
Making money does not = cash flow. 

Money was coming in but it was going out at the same speed and sometimes faster. 

There was never money left over to pay myself, to save, and I was still accruing debt.

But… I had a “six-figure business.” <eyeroll>

Then I started seeing some of my clients get results and some of them weren’t. 

I had a sneaking suspicion that this was because some of them were in alignment with their purpose and some weren’t.

Some were listening to their gut, and some weren’t.

Notice a pattern here?

I was onto something and when I asked my coach about this, she said (this is an exact quote as I will never forget these words), “You win some, you lose some. As long as they can pay you, it’s not your problem.”

What the actual hell?

The good news is that finally got my attention.

And that’s when I learned lesson #3:
Strategies cannot override your intuition. Intuition cannot override strategies.  

What occurred over the next few years was me learning to merge the worlds of strategy and intuition and un-learning all of the one-size-fits-all formulas that by that point I had invested over $250,000 in programs, products, and events to learn. 


No really, it super-duper sucked.

Rather than you taking a few years of experimenting with what works and doesn’t work, I’ve put those tools into this virtual self-paced workshop so you can do three crucial things for your business:

1. Awaken and deepen your intuition, particularly when it comes to your business.

2. Know how to make money YOUR way anytime you choose.

3. Create easy 1-page marketing plans that actually work.


Welcome to the Intuitive Marketing Method™, baby!

...fresh and practical approach

“I’ve been in marketing for 20 years. This is a very fresh and practical approach. This is one of those rare moments where I think, ‘damn, what a brilliant marketer!’”

~Jessica V. | Mexico

Hands down, this is one of the most pragmatic and tangible classes I have ever attended.

“Get your buns to one of your marketing classes! This class demystifies all the confusion, doubt and scatteredness of where most entrepreneurs function from with marketing. Hands down, this is one of the most pragmatic and tangible classes I have ever attended.”

~Trudi S. | Canada

This workshop made marketing more simple, clear and possible for me.

“You helped me to pull apart the pieces of marketing so I could actually get my head around how to implement and what’s next. I now have several plans to work in my biz and when I get an idea I have a template to “play” and create with. This workshop made marketing more simple, clear and possible for me.”

~Cindy P. | New Zealand

You just make it easy!

“You have a way of getting me so grounded and clear and now I know what I need to do next to grow my business. I was making it so hard and you just make it easy!”

~Jess W. | United States

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a clear message before taking this workshop?

If you know what you want to do but not sure how to share it with the world (aka the marketing) then in the step where we go through your offer, I lead you through powerful questions about your services so you are clear about the value of your offer. 

If you are truly lost on your message, as in you don’t have the beginnings of a message, then I recommend doing my WORD course first then moving onto this course. 

Is this workshop live?

After running this workshop and versions of this workshop a few dozen times, I pulled the best and most effective pieces and put them into an instant-access format for people. This way, instead of waiting for the next time I run a live in-person workshop, you can get started right away. 

This virtual workshop walks you through the principles step-by-step with the opportunity to ask me questions and get live support through the Facebook group. 

This way, you can take yourself through the steps anytime you want to launch something. It’s like having me on speed dial (in the Facebook group) at a fraction of the cost of private coaching.

*On January 18, I’m hosting an in-person and online live workshop so if you want the live version, take advantage of this special offering and register now. 

What if I really hate to market myself?

Do you really hate to market yourself or do you hate to market yourself in ways that don’t feel good to you? 

After working with entrepreneurs for ten years with their marketing, I find that people don’t actually hate to market when they are aligned, confident, and clear about what they are creating. 

Without clarity about your value and how to share your services, marketing often feels blah! I get it. That’s why I created this virtual workshop so you can get the clarity and create ease with your marketing. 

What if I would like more long-term support?

This workshop can create amazing things in your business if you DO the actions. Just like any course, event, program, or product, you have to actually do stuff with the things you learn. 

If you are looking for support with implementing things (accountability), more live support from me, and a community then the Intuitive Marketing LAB would be a great fit. It’s a 12-month program for people who know they “should” be doing marketing but just aren’t doing it. It’s the place to actually get stuff done and have more interaction and support from me and a community. 

The LAB is the most affordable 12-month program I’ve ever done at $2,500 for the year or $250 per month and it includes this workshop. 

If you are interested in that, you can check it out here and book a strategy session with me to see if it’s the right fit for you.

Or if you want to get started in the process, I recommend registering for the workshop first and I even let you apply the investment toward the LAB if you choose to join within 40 days of registering.

What if it doesn't work? Do you offer refunds?

I can’t guarantee that this will work for you. WHAT? Because I can’t guarantee you’ll do the work. 

What I CAN guarantee is when you go through the steps, engage, ask your questions, and show up for yourself, you will see progress. How much progress? How big of results? That’s entirely up to you. 

Another thing I CAN guarantee what I teach you in this virtual workshop really works. I use it. My clients and students use it. 

Plus, I’m here to answer your questions in the Facebook group as you go through the steps. 

All of that said, I don’t offer refunds. The workshop is thoroughly laid out here and I deliver great content. 

If you’re not sure this is a fit for you, email me at with your questions and my team or I will reply as soon as we can. 

Register below:

The updated online workshop will be available on March 20th
You will also get access to one in-person workshop when you buy the online course.
Details for the in-person workshop will be emailed to you when you register.

Investment: $297 through March 31 $495
(pricing is going up on April 1)


In-person Workshop:

*Includes the recording of the online workshop so you can refer to the material as needed.


Have a question? Contact me here.

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